The iCloud app for Windows has serious problems: it corrupts iPhone videos and shows other users’ photos

Reports about a problem with the iCloud app on Windows are multiplying: according to what has been collected, iCloud windows app corrupts stored video files, especially those recorded by iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. But there may be a more serious problem: photos of other iPhone users have appeared in some users’ photo gallery.

Let’s go in order: the bulk of the reports concern the corruption of videos, recorded by iPhone and stored in Apple’s cloud, when you access your files via the iCloud app for Windows. especially, Videos are replaced by a completely black screen or have flashy superimposed scan lines.

More seriously, the videos appear to have been irreversibly damaged: After the unwanted change made by the application, in fact, even running on iPhone or Mac shows the same corruption problems.

Neither Apple nor Microsoft has yet to comment on this matter, but the increasing number of reports will likely prompt the companies to issue a statement in the next few hours. It is speculated that the problem may be related to Apple servers, especially the video rendering engine from iPhones on Windows. Microsoft disavowed it, at least for now.

Right now, it appears that only the iCloud app is involved and not the process of syncing with the Windows 11 Photos app.

Someone got upset: in addition to the damaged videos, they also found non-his photos in the gallery

But iPhone users who access iCloud from Windows may encounter a more serious problem than this: Few users reported that strangers’ photos appeared in their gallery.

I was shown pictures of other people’s families that I had never seen before in my lifeFootball matches and other random imageswrites user on MacRumorsThis is obviously a very annoying issue, which makes me feel very insecure when using iCloud.

As mentioned, this issue has been reported by very few users. But the extreme severity of this situation requires Apple’s full attention.

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