The Honor 80 Pro is announced and inaugurates a 160-megapixel photo sensor

Honor has unveiled its brand new mid-range smartphones for the Chinese market: the Honor 80 and 80 Pro. These bring a 160 mpx sensor for the first time.

Barely a few months after the arrival of the excellent Honor 70 in our region, the Chinese manufacturer announces new very attractive smartphone models. These 80 and 80 Pro versions bring, in addition to this beautiful main sensor of 160 mpx, a magnificent design, a hallmark of these mid-range models.

Very nice products

Honor continues its momentum by once again giving its new models an original and elegant design. Interestingly, the design of the photo blocks is not the same and you can quickly distinguish the Honor 80 Pro from the Honor 80. The two smartphones of the manufacturer are equipped with a main sensor of 160 mpx f/1.8 and a size of 1 /1.56 inch, a first on the market.

The superior version obliges, the Honor 80 Pro stands out for its ultra-wide angle of 50 mpx, against only 8 mpx for the Honor 80, and a depth sensor of 2 mpx. The same goes for the front. The premium model has two cameras. A wide angle of 50 mpx and one of 2 mpx f/2.4. The Honor 80 only has a sensor punched into the large panel, 32 mpx and opening at f/2.4.

The Honor 80 has many good arguments for a smartphone in this price range. © Honor

According to the communication of the brand, the presence of this 160 mpx sensor is mainly aimed at vloggers and other content creators. The Honor 80 pro also includes many features based on artificial intelligence. These options assist the makers and recommend the best options to select for shooting based on the conditions.

The Honor 80 Pro meets power standards

If the Honor 70 already managed to surprise with its thickness of 7.9 mm, the 80 and 80 Pro models do even better, with 7.7 and 7.8 mm respectively. The two smartphones of the Chinese brand also remain very light, about 180 to 188 g. It is clear that the Honor 80 Pro is the best in terms of performance. The device has a 6.78-inch OLED panel refreshed at 120 Hz and offers a screen definition of 1224 x 2700 pixels. It contains a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip engraved in 4nm and comes in three configurations. 256 GB storage and 8 or 12 GB RAM, or 512 GB storage and 12 GB RAM.

Honor 80 Pro
The Honor 80 Pro.© Honor

The Honor 80 is the first smartphone of the year to feature Qualcomm’s latest mid-range chip, the 6nm Snapdragon 782G with its Adreno 642L GPU. The 6.6-inch screen displays a lower resolution, 1080 x 2400 pixels, but the smartphone is also offered in the same configurations as the 80 Pro. Both models have a 4800 mAh battery that can be charged at 66 W.

The Honor 80 Pro will be sold at the equivalent prices of €469, €509 and €550 excluding taxes, depending on the configuration. The 80 model is sold from €362 excluding taxes. Since the Honor 70 has arrived in our country, there is no reason a priori to assume that these latest models will not arrive from China in the coming months.

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