The head of the Apple App Store leaves Twitter, is it Twitter’s turn to be expelled from the App Store?

Apple App Store Manager, Phil Schiller quietly deactivated his Twitter account last Sunday, shortly after Elon Musk turned into the new “Chief Twit”. However, it is still not clear why the Apple CEO left the social network. But upon returning to his account, a note says his account no longer exists.

According to the latest from Apple Insider, Schiller’s Twitter account had more than 250,000 followers before it was suddenly deactivated. So his account seems to be somewhat prominent on the platform. Getting that many subscribers is no small feat.

After all, he is none other than the official App Market manager for the Cupertino tech giant. The online outlet reports that the Apple CEO used his account to showcase various products and services when he was still Senior Vice President (SVP) Global Marketing. He continued to use his account even when he changed roles as the head of the App Store. But despite this, Schiller decided to leave Twitter.

While Schiller has been silent about his departure, iPhone reports in Canada show that Schiller appears to be unhappy with the direction Twitter appears to be taking.

Twitter is under its new boss, Elon Musk

It should be noted that since the super-rich billionaire took over the social network, a lot has changed. One of them is to bring back former US President Donald Trump and rapper Kanye West. Not to mention, Musk has rolled out an option that allows all users to purchase a blue verification badge for a short time.

In light of this, some advertisers have decided to withdraw from the social media service due to content moderation issues.

Is Twitter being kicked out of the App Store?

Apple has not yet announced its intention to remove Twitter from its App Store. However, Bloomberg correspondent Mark Gorman notes that such a step may have to be taken soon. As Gorman revealed in a recent tweet that Schiller left Twitter, he addedApple and Google are likely to expel this social network.

The journalist notes that thereseveral[voies]to achieve that. But he adds,That there is a real scenario where Apple/Google take down TwitterHe cites problems with the Musk-owned platform, such as content moderation and circumventing App Store commissions, as reasons for dropping the social network.

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