The Google Pixel 7 will be priced super aggressively to compete with the iPhone 14

Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will be officially presented on October 6th. A lot of information circulates on the web and Google has helped capture our attention, without predicting prices. However, as often happens near the launch, a leak on the web reveals the expected price in Europe.

Spanish YouTuber José Morales Ross – Geekdegafas su YouTube – shared a tweet accompanied by an interesting screenshot taken by Amazon according to confirmation that Google Pixel 7 will be launched in Spain and will cost approx. 649 euros. Exactly the same price as last year’s Pixel 6.

Everything indicates that the same price of 649 euros will apply in Italy and the price of the Pixel 7 should not change even in the United States.

Pixel 7 vs. iPhone 14

This news is particularly interesting in the inflationary context that Italy and Europe are going through. Tons of products raise their prices and the technology sector is spared. With the Pixel 7, So it seems that Google is willing to sacrifice part of its profits.

This model will certainly be compared to the iPhone 14, whose high price due to some technical improvements is one of the main disadvantages. Against this discount launched at more than 1,000 euros, the Google Pixel 7 could have different cards to play.

Finally, in the Geekdegafas screenshot, we can also read that the Google Pixel 7 will be available for sale from October 13th. Quite reliable information since it has already been confirmed that pre-orders will start on October 6, that is, a week early.

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