The former vice president of OPPO warns: 1 “The sensors will be a problem

Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Sharp Aquos R7 and Leitz Phone 2, but also OPPO Find X6 Pro, vivo X90 Pro and Honor Magic 5 Pro: what do they have in common? The answer is 1″ sensor, which is a common component of all next-generation camera phones. It’s currently a feature in the hands of a few users, given the small amount of 1-sensor models, but from 2023 onwards, it will expand like wildfire. The advantages of this type of camera are undoubted, as it is able to take pictures with better detail, brightness and dynamic range, despite the skepticism caused by the marketing.

1 sensor cameras would be a huge advantage, but also a disadvantage

And although not all manufacturers can wait to boast a 1 sensor at the top of their range, there are those who try to dampen the enthusiasm and also highlight the problems that arise from this. With it being a larger sensor than those seen so far, engineers will be forced to build Larger image units, as in the case of Xiaomi 12S Ultra. This is indicated by the former Vice President of OPPO, Shen Yiren, who stated on Weibo that all single-camera phones will have to get bumper larger than usual.

Vivo x90 1 inch sensor

Between the camera and the body there will be a file The gap is about 4/5 mm, a seemingly small procedure but one that will have a clear step and all the ensuing flaws. If the imaging unit is sideways rather than central, this means that the smartphone tends to vibrate when used on a surface. Furthermore, the glass in front of the camera is more vulnerable to bumps and abrasion as well as in the event of a fall, with the rest of the body absorbing less damage. Without thinking about the balance calculation that must be done in order not to make the smartphone unbalanced in weight upwards when carrying it. It will be necessary to see how the next generation of top of the range is made to see if and how companies have compensated for this forced change in structure.

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