The first smartphone (1) will not be transparent

Wallpaper* magazine asked Carl Pei (CEO of Nothing) and Tom Howard (Head of Design) the aesthetic line of the next Nothing(1) smartphone and what we can expect from this smartphone that will come with Nothing OS.

Carl Pei and Tom Howard revealed that the Nothing phone (1) would use the same aesthetic as the Ear 1 wireless earphones, which had a transparent case. Howard says he wanted to make the interior pop, which raises some engineering concerns. Indeed, for many years manufacturers have sought to optimize the available space.

Design principles are therefore reviewed virtually by nothing to show the components and above all to show the visually interesting elements. The battery, for example, often occupies an important place and is precisely the one that is affixed to the back of the phones. So the choice must be made between a few “400 components in a smartphone grouped in layers”. Howard says: “We’re looking at components that the end user wouldn’t normally see, so you almost have to re-engineer the entire manufacturing process to make it stand out.”

Nothing confirms the inconsistency in the design of technological products, except for Apple. Then the brand claims it wants a “A very distinctive and creative design language.” According to Tom Howard, nothing is the main selling point “The Intrinsic Beauty and Complexity of Consumer Electronics”.

Other than what Pei and Howard revealed, we don’t know much about None(1), other than that the frame will be made from recycled aluminum and won’t launch until summer.

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