The first foldable iPhone

There’s been a lot of talk about Apple’s entry into the foldable smartphone panorama, but the only reliable piece of news tells us that the Cupertino house not only intends to speed up design times but wouldn’t even welcome such an experience on the iPhone, its flagship. Any future foldable device in the iPad line could be tested.

And so, so that you don’t have to wait for Apple’s foldable iPhone, the Technology aesthetics I decided to venture into a foldable clamshell device with the software part of the iPhone X and the Motorola Razr 2019 chassis.

The resulting device is called (or will be called) iPhone V It took nearly a year of hard work, reverse engineering, and several attempts. The team behind the project combined the iPhone X’s screen, cover glass pieces, and touch layers while leaving a flexible OLED.

The process was far from simple and required precise maneuvers, sophisticated machinery, and a total employment 37 iPhone X screen. before getting a usable one. The project also included a pair of 2019 Motorola Razr disassembled to house the iPhone X’s internals.

The team built custom motherboard With 3D printed components. Some technical and aesthetic compromises had to be made due to space limitations and the result is a phone with a 1,000mAh battery that does not support wireless charging or MagSafe charging.

Once the device was complete, the Tech Aesthetics team began modifying iOS to fit the foldable screen through several jailbrokens. The final device supports split screen and can use both sides of the foldable screen.

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