“The European Union must allow any software to be installed on any device”: Free Software Foundation request

The Free Software Foundation has written an open letter to EU lawmakers promoting regulations on The general right to install and run any software on any device.

The Free Software Foundation (FSFE) is a non-profit organization that supports the development of software that is free, and therefore without licenses that specify its distribution, is open source, and is modifiable for improvement purposes.

The letter with which the FSFE addressed European lawmakers, which has already been signed by more than 100 organizations and is also available for signature by private citizens, establishes its support for free software. On the advantage of this would give the reuse of devices.

According to the FSFE, many devices are disposed of and are simply not repairable Because the software has stopped working or is no longer updated.

Therefore, it condemns the proprietary models that connect software and hardware and that generate restrictions of various kindsFrom physical blocking of hardware, to technical secrecy through the use of proprietary software, to legal restrictions through software licenses and contracts imposed on the end user.

It also highlights the outcome of proprietary models: If you can’t install the software you want on your device, then you don’t have it.

With this message, FSFE recognizes that free access to hardware and software determines how long or how often a device can be used or reused, and declares that the longevity and reusability of devices are essential to a more sustainable digital society.

What do you order? Free Software Foundation in Europe

The FSFE lists a number of requests for legislators. He asks for it first Users have the right to freely choose the operating system and software to run on their connected devices. It is therefore suggested that no obstacles, legal or technical, be allowed to prevent the possibility of reusing these devices for any purpose.

In practice, the FSFE says that devices, including tablets and smartphones, Hardware shells must be ready to accommodate any operating system; And compares it to a general purpose computer.

As requested Users may use one manufacturer’s device with a service provided by anotherspecifying that many customers who are online today are being dumped solely because their online services have been discontinued.

For this scenario to happen it is suggested Use open standards for online services, software, and applicationsso that there is complete interoperability with respect to the initial intended use

At the same time, it also promotes open standards to prevent proprietary software and protocols It hinders competition between manufacturers and makes it difficult to repair devices.

He asks about it at the end The source code for drivers, tools and interfaces is published under a free licenseso that the possibility of repair by third-party service centers is extended in relation to the device manufacturer.

Difficult future for production and development in the medium term

FSFE applications have a strong political identity and challenging technical application, at least for now. The scenario drawn by FSFE envisions a complete change of the basic model of connected hardware production, with a clear separation between hardware and software, so that any software can be installed on any device (hopefully not between different usage classes).

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Go deep

However, the political idea has a meaning of its own and has many points in common with the European Digital Markets Act already in place (but not yet implemented) which aims to increase interoperability between services provided by companies large enough to be able to obtain them. The role of market observers.

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