The Eni Plenitude app is not working today when you log in

There are several reports that we need to review today 24.11about theEni Plenitude app which from what we’ve seen since 8 this Thursday isn’t working. A disservice that only concerns the official application upon login, therefore that it does not generate anomalies with respect to the normal service of the company. We recently happened to be faced with a similar situation Intesa Sanpaoloas you may have noticed during our theme piece as we grope in the dark today and wait for one official communication.

The Eni Plenitude app is not working today for multiple users when logging in: the first information available

As a result, the Eni Plenitude app does not work for many of the company’s customers today when they log in. What is the first information leaked about it? THE Comments available on social media are very clear and allow you to focus on the topic. Basically there are problems to access the personal space considering that the data entered by users is correctwhile the page continues to load. In short, it does not even show an error message with the relevant code to send to support for any necessary investigation.

There is no shortage of complaints from those pointing out the lack of support in similar situations: “You have a website where you cannot enter your private area. The same applies to the app on Android. Don’t answer the phone“. The hope is that the application will be up and running again in no time, or at least theHelp Give us some clear feedback shortly to shed some light on what happened in the morning.

Is the Eni Plenitude app not working for you either? Let us know with a comment at the end of the article to keep on track for the engaged audience.


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