The duel with Fazzolari, then the announcement: Meloni meets Calenda next week

Giorgia Meloni next week he will meet Carlo Calenda. The Prime Minister accepts the Azione leader’s invitation to discuss the “countermeasure” presented by the Third Pole at today’s press conference.

Eight tax, welfare and development proposals Karl Calenda, “They offer real answers to the country” for the same coverage. The Action Leader rejects the budget bill outright: “A mockery, especially for centre-right voters”. But a minute later he held out his hand to the Prime Minister in question“an urgent meeting” and with a certain malice he says:“She’s new. I think she should be helped, not just fought over.” And he adds: “We are available”. But is it really like that? Calenda, depending on what he finds out ilGiornale.itHe sent his proposals to Prime Minister Meloni at around 2 p.m. via What’sApp at the same time Giovanbattista FazzolariUnder pressure from journalists, the state secretary responsible for implementing the program explains: “If Calenda has a really brilliant idea (on basic income or inclusion, editor’s note), we will put it in the budget law. Unfortunately they haven’t arrived yet, otherwise we would have looted them, but we’re confident.”. When Fazzolari speaks, it is 2:00 p.m., the Undersecretary of State can certainly not know that the President of Azione sent his proposals to the Prime Minister at the same time. But Calenda launches the attack via Twitter. His answer is contemptuous:“I don’t know what the government experience of this gentleman I don’t know is. For your information we have published the details of our proposals and sent them to @GiorgiaMeloni and Giorgetti. Chatting before asking will result in you talking bullshit. Good work”. Of course, this tweet does not seem like a good encouragement to start a peaceful and constructive discussion with the government, on the contrary: it is so reminiscent of the sabotage of the alliance with the Democratic Party. In fact, if the Azione leader had sought a real confrontation with the government, he would not have made similar statements about the undersecretary of the Council Presidency (not a secondary figure in the government). But not only. Most importantly, the action leader should have avoided tweeting the suggestion that he had sent out his proposals days before, not hours before. Exactly at the same moments that the Secretary of State for the implementation of the program made his statement.

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