The Devil In Me Quiz: What’s the New Dark Pictures Worth?

Another year, another Dark Pictures game. Little Hope was my favourite, and last year’s House of Ashes was particularly fun. All of the games to date have taken great horror concepts and elevated those concepts. So the devil in me is the ultimate saboteur. The Devil In Me promises to be one of the most exciting games of the year. It doesn’t rely on horror or cheap thrillers, but ratchets up the tension with unexpected storytelling and a slow-motion approach to horror.

The Devil In Me is the latest interactive drama from the team that brought you classics like Until Dawn and The Quarry. Like any good story, this journey will present you with many possible outcomes depending on your decisions. This indie game can be enjoyed whether you have played its predecessors or not. So take the reins of fate today and experience an exciting adventure like no other! With every decision made potentially affecting the narrative, you never know what awaits you in this vivid story until the very end. Claim your destiny and join us at The Devil In Me!

The Devil In Me follows a team of documentary filmmakers as they seek to revitalize their flagging series. The team works on a project involving one of America’s first serial killers, Henry Howard Holmes. Stuck on how to make the death toll angle interesting, the team receives a mysterious invitation from an eccentric millionaire to visit the modern replica of HH Holmes Murder Castle. In real life, the hotel was unremarkable, but in most fiction, it’s depicted with impossible spaces, dead-end corridors, and all sorts of other architectural features designed to catch and kill people.

But here I am feeling a little queasy. The Devil in Me follows the crew as they visit this perfectly ordinary replica of a serial killer playground, but when they arrive, they realize they may be being watched and even manipulated. Add a masked, insane serial killer to SAW and you have a horror movie, or in this case, a totally solid concept for Dark Pictures. A mysterious imminent threat, a group of characters who love to hate each other and an environment that leads to fears.

Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Review - Unnamed Prisoner

It’s a bit of a shame, then, that The Devil In Me fails to capitalize on the potential of its concept like other games in the series. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride from start to finish, don’t get me wrong, but I felt like the writers were playing it safe in some ways.

It looks like Supermassive could have done a lot with the obvious SAW inspiration they took for The Devil In Me. I was excited that, in the heat of the moment, I might do something terrible to my friend from the get-go and then see how it turns out for him when the story unfolds. Almost every “SAW” moment in The Devil In Me seems to result in someone’s death, and their story ends. None of the decisions made in those moments ever felt weighty, and the bizarre moment we killed a cast member felt almost like a comedic moment from Final Destination. I value a good kill as much as the next person, but much seems left to chance.

Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Review - Kate and Erin Trapp

Fortunately, the added improvements to House of Ashes continue with The Devil In Me. Fixed camera angles are still missing and the unnecessary dedicated flashlight button has been removed. Instead, we have a surface inventory system that stores unique keys and items for each character. When I played a few chapters of the game last month, I was excited to see if that meant we’d get a Resident Evil-like experience based on exploration rather than a linear story. While character-specific items and abilities were introduced new ways Exploring the world of The Devil In Me, deviating from the linear series formula never seems so exciting.

Of course, items that work the same way come back here. In addition to playing solo, Shared Story mode lets you experience the full experience with a friend online, as if you were playing together locally. On the other hand, Movie Night lets you assign all five characters to up to four other people in the room to control. The game then asks each player when it is their turn. I likes a lot This mod and you won’t play Supermassive without it. However, I still want characters with low screen time to be highlighted in some way so that it can be evenly distributed among players.

But as always, every Movie Night player can see the difficulty of their experience has changed. Suppose there are people in your party who are bad at QTEs or want more challenges. In this case, they can individually increase or decrease the difficulty. I think this is a great idea, because these games tend to be geared towards a more casual audience anyway, so the ability to invite anyone into the fold is worth including the difficulty options.

Dark Pictures Anthology: Review of The Devil In Me - HH Holmes Statue

Furthermore, The Devil In Me graphics It doesn’t look as good as its predecessors, so many scenes seem to be poorly lit or the facial animations look weird. The central location the game is based on has a lot of charm, sure, but overall it’s one of Supermassive’s most inconsistent games to date. Some of these issues may be fixed with future updates, which is a shame because where The Devil In Me looks great, It looks really cool.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me Review - Kate

Thankfully, the entire cast seems to be doing just fine this time around, which is great considering how flat Ashley Tisdale’s performance was in House of Ashes. Leading the cast is sexy Jesse Buckley, whose sharp eyes you might recognize from Chernobyl, Fargo, or Tabo. The rest of the cast, who have made supporting appearances in Game of Thrones, Dune, and Coronation Street, gave very decent performances that I think they might be the friendliest of the Dark side heroes. Pictures.


The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me is still just as fun and engaging as previous games in the series, though it ultimately squanders its potential with its distinct lack of dread, tension, and surprises. While its more grounded approach is bound to divide fans, it’s still well worth the effort and a fun, if inconsistent, thriller all together.

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