the contract with the FN is “still being negotiated”, minister Willy Borsus assures

According to the news site Business AM, orders related to this contract were blocked after the Belgian government postponed the export of nuclear material, manufactured in Flanders and destined for the British army, on November 9. An anonymous source quoted by LN 24 then pointed the finger at the environmentalists who would have opposed this delivery and warned of the consequences of a refusal that could affect FN Herstal.

“The contract in question is still being negotiated,” said Minister Borsus on Thursday, while at the federal level Prime Minister Alexander De Croo assured that the government has not yet taken a decision on the export of nuclear maintenance to the UK. .

In addition, “the amounts involved, even if significant, are very much lower than those published in particular in the press,” added Willy Borsus. According to Les Engagés, who called for a general affairs committee to be convened “as soon as possible” in the Walloon parliament, the value of this contract between the FN and Great Britain would amount to 500 million euros.

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