The college calls on a promoter to demolish its site, which has been empty for months, in rue du Manège in Verviers

If a permit had already been issued in 2014 for the construction of an apartment building Rue du Manège in Verviers, it expired more than three years ago. This building, still under construction, located between the Bar Gorgées and the old Manège, has been empty for months.

This Thursday, the college took the decision to notify the promoter after the deplorable image of the unfinished building. This cancer, a stone’s throw from the Grand Théâtre and the old Manège, does not give a good impression of the city, while the Ville Conviviale project is coming to an end right next to it. A “security” file has also been opened for the city after the regular presence of squatters.

The college has therefore decided to:

ask the promoter to secure his building immediately;

ask the promoter to restore the site by demolishing the existing buildings.

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