The collaboration ended after 30 years

Anyone who has ever purchased an Apple product, from an iPhone to a MacBook to an Apple Watch, Jony Ive created the design as Apple’s chief designer. Moreover, it has had a strong influence on the design of the technology products we use every day, be it our smartphones or our computers.

30 years of history

Jony Ive joined Apple in 1992; Thirty years later, his tumultuous adventure with the brand has come to its final conclusion. An industrial designer without compromise, he radically changed the physical appearance of Apple products. His collaboration with Apple is now over.

According to information from The New York Times, “Mr. Ive and Apple have agreed to terminate their partnership, according to two people familiar with their contractual arrangement.”. The contract should have been renewed for a few weeks. “The parties decided not to extend it.” The newspaper reported that Some Apple executives questioned and resented Mr. Ive’s fee after several of his designers left to join Mr. Ive’s company. And Mr. Ive wanted the freedom to do business with customers without asking Apple’s permission“.

LoveFrom is born

I had left Apple in 2019 to start his own design firm, LoveFrom. He continued to cooperate with the Cupertino company, thanks to a contract worth more than $ 100 million over several years. Apple was also its main customer, the newspaper wrote “The agreement prevents Mr. Ive from accepting work that Apple considers competitive and guarantees the designer’s contribution to the development of future products”. The American-British designer has been working on, for example, Apple’s mysterious augmented reality headset. LoveFrom also works for Ferrari and the holding company Exor.

Changing company visions

Returning to Jony Ive’s career, we discover his sense of freedom. In Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, titled “Steve Jobs,” the designer said in the biographer. In September 1997, Steve Jobs took the title of iP-DG and tried to re-motivate his employees at a meeting. Jony Ive was present in the room and was on the verge of resigning because “He was tired of the company caring more about profits than its products.”.

Then he was surprised by his boss’ speech: “Steve explained that our goal was not just to make money, but to make great products. This completely changed the philosophy of the company.” It is also for this reason that Johnny left Apple in 2019, after disagreements with Tim Cook who has always been more oriented towards profits and shareholder satisfaction.

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