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You’re not the only one who’s been waiting for this Amazon Black Friday to finally decide to buy a new one sound bars to hear your favorite songs in the highest quality, but you can be one of the few to find out what real ways there are to save big. In this article, we give you the opportunity to choose from the five most popular and popular soundbars currently available on Amazon, all of which share good audio quality and, little by little, a design too.

If you want to get your hands on the audio system with the best value for money, you can already be satisfied with the first three models proposed below, but if your bottom line is to relive the emotion of the most beautiful thing you’ve been, then we advise going a little further and therefore going to the last two models.


Impossible not to consider the soundbar LG SP2, a 100W 2.1 sound system that is considered the most balanced in this price range. Equipped with a powerful built-in subwoofer capable of bringing you great pleasure, the South Korean giant’s soundbar is equipped with Dolby Digital technology, but above all with AI Sound Pro, which automatically optimizes the sound based on the audio content being played.

You can buy the LG SP2 soundbar on sale on Amazon advertising only 78 euros.

Samsung HW-B430/ZF

Black Friday sound bar

price slightly increasing Samsung sound bar from 270W it is what is often defined as the best in terms of quality/price. Samsung’s 2.1 solution foresees the presence of a subwoofer for deep and loaded bass at all times, perfect equalization and a surround effect that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the action. To top it all off, not bad features like night mode for watching movies without disturbing those who are sleeping, game mode that creates an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience, and also an ideal design for any facility.

You can buy the Samsung soundbar on sale on Amazon advertising only 109 euros.

Bose solo 5

Black Friday sound bar

angry has always been synonymous with audio excellence and the same goes for the model Bose solo 5. We’re talking about a soundbar capable of transforming the sound of your Smart TV (and not only), giving you the impression of having a real surround system in the living room, or you can activate the Bluetooth module to connect your smartphone connect and hear all the music you want. Engineered for rich, deep sound, the soundbar is paired with a remote control for easy control of all functions.

You can buy the Bose soundbar on sale on Amazon advertising only 161 euros.

Samsung HW-B650/ZF

Black Friday sound bar

If you’re looking for a soundbar whose sound will shake the walls of your house (and even your neighbor’s) then this is the model Samsung HW-B650/ZF It is the model you absolutely must buy. With a very powerful 430W sound, the South Korean giant’s model is beautiful, refined and will surprise you with a smooth and always super optimized 3D sound. Ideal for watching all kinds of movies or listening to the music you want, the Samsung Soundbar also has the Bass Boost function to push the bass to the max and turn your home into a nightclub.

You can buy the Samsung soundbar on offer at Amazon on the occasion of the Black Friday advertising only 179 euros.

Sony HT-G700

Black Friday sound bar

If you’re not afraid to break the €200 mark because you always want the best when watching a movie or listening to your favorite band, this is it Sony Soundbar HT-G700 it has everything you need. Not only does it feature a space-age design, but it’s also the only 400W 3.1 system capable of boosting audio to a level comparable to a 7.1.2 system. Every little detail is taken to a level that will leave you speechless while watching a movie or listening to a new hit, while the powerful wireless subwoofer creates a great surround effect.

You can buy the Sony soundbar on offer at Amazon on the occasion of the Black Friday advertising only 224 euros.

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