The Callisto Protocol: Everything you need to know about the game

So-called genre games Survival horror It has always been among the most popular. They are actions that put the player in life-or-death situations, pushing him to his utmost efforts to save himself from frightening situations, where logic loses its meaning. A highly anticipated new title for the genre is Callisto protocoldeveloped by Hit Distance Studios and take out Glenn Scofieldand is most notable for having previously developed the series dead space, Also from the horror genre.

The title was originally intended to be a game that expanded the experience PUBG: Battlegrounds, but over time it took on new forms, and acquired its own identity and independence. Based on what we could see from the trailer or from the game’s images, however, it appears that there are several elements anyway that are specific to it. dead space. Schofield actually stated that these are games with a similar atmosphere and that those who loved this video game series will also be able to appreciate it widely. Callisto protocol.

There is already a lot of anticipation for this game, which will become available in a few months. However, while waiting to be able to play it, it would definitely be worth delving into some of the more curious things related to this. By continuing here reading it will actually be possible to find more details related to Play And for him plot. The main ones will also be listed Control unit that would be possible to use, as well price And her editions.

Callisto protocol: Video game release date and collector’s edition

The game you posted Crafton he has one Exit date scheduled for December 2, 2022. From that moment it will be available to Playstation 4And the Playstation 5And the Xbox OneAnd the Xbox X/S And the Microsoft Windows computersIt can be purchased for the latter on the platforms steam And the epic game store. price First day edition currently in 59.99 euroswhile the Deluxe Digital Edition It will be sold at a price 79.99 euros.

to Callisto protocol However, one will also be released Collector’s Editionwhich in addition to the game also includes the Steel Books, a comic book related to the game, some pins and a statue of Jacob determined to fight one of the monsters in the game. However, as digital content, the Collector’s Edition does offer the season pass and weapon skins for Retro Prisoner. The price of this version should be close 250 eurosbut it’s a number that won’t be confirmed until closer to the game’s release.

Callisto protocol: plot and gameplay

Callisto protocol It is set in the year 2320 in a maximum security prison colony called black iron, which is operated by the United Jupiter Company, and is located on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. The player takes on the role of a named prisoner Jacob Lee (Voiced by the actor Josh Duhamel). When other prisoners begin to transform into terrifying creatures, the prison is thrown into chaos. To survive, Jacob will have to fight his way to freedom and discover the dark and disturbing secrets buried beneath Callisto’s surface.

Using a unique blend of melee and ranged combat, the player will have to constantly adapt their tactics to take on ever-evolving monstrous creatures, finding as many new weapons, items, and abilities as possible to overcome the growing threat posed by the horrors of the game. The moon died from Jupiter. So the game is configured as a Survival horror In complete style, while following all the rules and dynamics of the case. The combat system, for example, combines melee and ranged, thus leading the player to experience particularly close combat.

The more equipped you are, the more you can advance in the game, making your way through the many dangers present. Also, the game has the same kind of diegetic interface that dead space It is used as a holographic indicator on the back of a prisoner’s neck indicating his health and other attributes. In addition to threatening monsters, the player will also have to pay close attention to their whereabouts. In fact, Callisto will turn into a dead moon full of pitfalls, which can block the path. In addition to attempts to survive, the player will also have to deal with the secrets behind the game’s story, aiming to uncover what is really going on in Callisto.

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