the Blue Lock project in progress?

This week’s information is largely dominated by news around the World Cup in Qatar. Since the games launched, several teams have managed to defy all predictions by winning their first game against major teams. This is the case of Japan who won their game against Germany. This victory did not arouse the joy of everyone, especially anime fans and Blue lock.

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Will the Blue Lock project become a reality?

There was no indication that Japan would win this match. Indeed, in the first half the Japanese were led 1-0 by the Mannschaft. But when he came back, they had an energy that we didn’t know they had. During this second half they recovered by scoring two goals. With their first three group points, the Japanese team certainly did not expect to lead to a new phenomenon.

Anime fans, especially Blue Lock, have taken to Twitter to claim that Jinpachi’s Ego Project will be the basis of this eye-popping win. This is certainly a bit far-fetched, but we must acknowledge that the creators of Blue Lock contributed in their own way to their country’s participation. The Japanese team owes the new design of their shirt for this World Cup to them. With this victory they will go down in history. Yûsuke Nomura even made a poster to celebrate his country’s victory. Discover it here:

Some comments from fans on Twitter:

Blue Lock: a project to train the best striker in the world

The synopsis of Blue Lock begins with the defeat of the Japanese team in 2018. The country ends in disgrace by occupying 16th place. Determined to make a difference, the Japan Football Association calls on Jinpachi Ego. This mysterious tactician sets up the Blue Lock project. His goal: to create the best selfish striker and scorer in the world. At the beginning there are 300 to integrate this famous project. Only one will come out, the others will have to give up a career in the national team. Yoichi Isagi is a player who does not master his playing style enough, but is seduced by Ego’s vision and integrates the complex to become the best striker.


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