The best offers and discounts on the Internet

The best online deals and discounts of the year have arrived. Also this year follows Black Friday 2022 So don’t miss out on tech (and more) at affordable prices.

In this article, we will see the best offers to follow and not to miss and other information regarding the start of Black Friday 2022, where to shop online and how to prepare yourself to make the most of the offers.

When does Black Friday 2022 start?

Black Friday 2022 real consists of a 24-hour period full of offers on different types of products but above all related to the field of computers and technology. For 2022, the start of Black Friday is set Midnight Thursday 24th and ends Friday 25th at 11.59pm.

Over the years, the Black Friday event has expanded to include a time frame much wider than 24 hours covering 7 days or more. The Amazon online store is offering offers from November 18, 2022.

Offers also extend to the following Monday, any day Internet Mon Which can be considered as the last day for discounts, which will fall on November 28, 2022.

Even if the day you watch the most is Friday the 25th, we advise you to scan the net and this article you are reading, from November 18 to November 28, 2022. In order not to miss any offers and to stay up to date with the latest news, we advise you to follow us on Our GiardiniShop Deals channel.

How does black friday work

As mentioned, the Black Friday Thursday, November 24, 2022 officially begins and is the most important day of the year for discounts and offers on purchases in physical stores and digital stores. On these pages, we will focus on products from Exclusive online purchase and offers related to any kind of product, whether physical or digital.

Tips for making the most of Black Friday deals

Savings experts study real action plans to step in and maximize the chances of getting discounts. In this paragraph, let’s see what are the precautions and the best strategies to follow so that we can get the best offers.

  1. It is important to know that Store offers historyTo try to predict how many promotions and discounts will be offered again this year, in our Black Friday 2022 issue.
  2. bring to buy online. Online purchases are now very affordable and safe for everyone, especially if they are completed in the most famous and popular online stores in the world. Those who are more reluctant can always get one Prepaid virtual card And with a good amount of credit to spend on (but always limited).
  3. Make a list of products who would like to take advantage of their offers (maybe only for Christmas 2022 gifts). They basically have a wishlist at the original price, to compare with the suggested list during the Black Friday period. This will help us understand if these are really valid offers, and above all it helps us to buy only the things we really care about, without falling into the madness of other offers.
  4. If you followed the advice above, you can also follow this: Buy without delay on the product you are viewing. Many offers are timed and limited and it’s easy to find yourself with a waiting list of people interested in the same product. This especially happens to items that are heavily discounted and particularly attractive. Wasting the moment and thinking about it too much can mean letting the show get blown out from under your nose, by caring people like us.
  5. Use money-back guarantees. Furthermore, we recommend buying very good, tested, and effective VPNs and other types of products; The majority of what we offer, has a right of withdrawal and a money back guarantee. This means that you can try a new product or technology for a certain period of time (30-45 days) and decide, only later, to keep the product or return it for a full refund. Amazon even allows you to rethink and get a refund for all purchases made between now and the end of the year, by January 31, 2023.
  6. Refer to a trusted technology site. If you do not want to waste a lot of time looking for countless ready-made offers and discounts (often fake), then you can read the following Our advice. We will update the article, as soon as we receive good offers from partners and on other products we usually carry and note a great discount. Also follow us on Telegram to get all Amazon coupons and offers on your smartphone and in real time.

Where to track offers in real time

Black Friday offers worry about any kind of physical or immaterial product. A tour of the city is enough to realize that you have many discounts available in different stores. However, you will still be connected to the ability to view a file The best black friday deals onlinewhile receiving home the products that interest you most.

As mentioned above, our main advice is to go to the GiardiniShop Telegram channel, where you can follow the offers in real time and watch Really discounted price for products on Amazon. Telegram has a world of interesting shows and channels for you to follow and if you don’t know about it yet, now is the time to use it as it is the main alternative to WhatsApp.

The other advice to follow the offers in real time is to follow the article you read: which we will try to update frequently these days, with Partner offers who arrive there and coupon which we find while surfing the Internet.

Best Black Friday Deals 2022

If you want to support our work and help us, know that for some of the offers we have below for Black Friday 2022, by completing a purchase we will receive a commission of a few euros! Now let’s move on to the different offers that you can find online.

Black Friday VPN deals

Let’s start with one of the most popular categories of digital products. These are really interesting deals dedicated to the best VPNs that will save you money for yearswhich keeps your privacy and internet connection secure and helps you overcome regional barriers.


Our #1 VPN ranking doesn’t disappoint even for Black Friday deals: you’ll find the subscription well 28 months (2 years + 4 months as a gift) for € 2.03 per month for a total cost of $ 56.94 euros. Follow the link for the CyberGhost VPN demo.


It is a VPN that you can try for free – it is also present in the ranking of free VPNs in first place – and in its paid version it has a very affordable price. For Black Friday event use this BLACKFRIDAY coupon or click on the link: Atlas VPN offer to enjoy 30 months (2 years + 6 months) at € 1.45 per month (total 43.37 euros). Highly recommended, especially since you won’t find a cheaper VPN with the same features as Altas VPN.

Private internet access

One of the most popular and widely used VPNs in the world. It has an incredible number of servers (25,000) and 84 different geographic locations from which you can get your connection. Suggested offer for this Black Friday 2022 only 1.85 euros per month for 28 months (2 years + 4 months). It also uses modern security protocols. Find the deal by following this page: PIA Black Friday Deal.


It is probably the most popular VPN for Italy (you will definitely hear about it). Also this Black Friday offer attractive and competitive: 2.99 euros per month for a total 27 months. With NordVPN, you’re in the safe place and you get: anti-malware, ad blocking, and guaranteed high speed. Follow NordVPN’s Black Friday Deal using this link: NordVPN Black Friday Deal.

Black Friday deals on video games

We know many of our readers are also avid gamers, which is why we’re highlighting some great deals on video games this Black Friday.

Meta Quest 2

Who wants to take over Meta Quest 2, can find a favorable moment in this period; Meta (Facebook) provides a Quest 2 for 399 euros With Resident Evil 4 and Beat Saber. Use our referral if you want more 30 euro discount To buy! Follow this link: Oculus demo.

The same offer is also available on Amazon (but without the €30 discount with referral).


Oculus Quest 2 128 GB
Oculus Quest 2 128 GB

  • Meta Quest 2 Resident Evil 4 bundle with Beat Saber; Get two premium games; until …
  • Enjoy a smooth experience, even in the midst of high-speed action, with…
  • Experience total immersion with 3D positional audio, hand tracking, and haptic feedback that …

digital video games

If you want to download PC or XBox games at an affordable price, you can take advantage of the major sites that make the games available in digital format. Among them, we recommend Instant Play or Eneba, which are both trusted and tested sites they have Discounts and coupons For this Black Friday 2022.

physical video games

Those who prefer the physical format can opt for their trusted store or a file Amazon online store (For many ideas, see Best Sellers) and GameStop. The offers in this case are practically the same and are updated several times during the week filled with discounts.

Black Friday Deals on E-Bike

We can not help but point out some Desirable high-tech products For now: let’s talk about e-bikes, the famous pedal-assisted bikes that accompany us in the city and off-road.

These days we’re testing (our review will be coming soon!) an e-bike with FAT wheels for use on all types of terrain and suitable for any situation. It’s about the form tank rolls From Eleglide we expect it to be an exceptional model at a very competitive price. Eleglide is a young company that pays special attention to the environment and the materials used in its products (especially e-bikes and e-scooters / electric scooters).

With coupon “BF100” you will get a good discount this Black Friday 100 euros on this form. Go to the E-Bike Eleglide Tankroll Show.

Tankroll Black Friday 2022 Deal The same coupon (or BF80, BF50 for cheaper models) can be used on other types of e-bikes available at the bike manufacturer’s online store.

Another great store with many types of pedal assisted bikes is BuyBestGear, which comes at significant price cuts on almost every model on sale. You can take a look at the offers on BuyBestGear’s official website.


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