The Best of 2023 segment arrives on November 8th

Media Tech A new mobile chip will be introduced atNovember 8, 2022. SoC should be the long awaited one Size 9200, even if the company does not confirm this hypothesis, which seems to be the most likely. And if that’s the case, MediaTek will come out with a new top-of-the-range SoC from before Qualcommwhich at the Snapdragon Summit 2022 conference on November 15th It is expected to feature the latest generation chipset, lo Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

The Dimensity 9200 is very good

Not many new details have been revealed regarding Mediatek dimension 9200Apart from the fact that the graphic part will see a significant increase in performance thanks to the use of a new GPU called Immortal G715.

The benchmark score was recently leaked AnTuTu which (supposedly) show results Size 9200. This reveals that the wizard was able to register 1,266,102 points, outperforming all current-generation smartphones in AnTuTu charts. While the CPU does not show much improvement, the graphics processing units gets a big boost.

In the GPU benchmarksIn fact, the Dimensity 9200 managed 328fps in our GFX 1080p Manhattan 3.0 off-screen test and 228fps in our Manhattan 3.1 off-screen test. In comparison, theApple A16 Bionic It stopped at 280fps and 200fps in the same tests, while the current MediaTek Dimension 9000 Plus averaged 220fps and 160fps.

MediaTek is finally challenging Qualcomm

Based on the leaks you revealed Digital chat stationProgram prototype Size 9200 It is made by the production process 4 nm from TSMC and will likely use “Triple block“.this with 3”bunchesCores of various types, consumption and performance, which are activated according to the needs of the account.

The Size 9200 So it should have 1 ARM Cortex X3 core at 3.05GHz, 3 Cortex A715 cores at 2.85GHz and 4 Cortex A510 cores at 2GHz. Size 9000 The stream contains 1 Cortex X2 core, 3 Cortex A710 and 4 Cortex A510 cores.

Thus, the differences between the two chipsets will be in the high-performance cores, but since the ones tested on AnTuTu are still prototypes, it wouldn’t be impossible to change the clock speeds in The latest version.

However, the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 is clearly going to be a high-performance chip, outperforming the already excellent Dimensity 9000. Which in turn is currently the fastest Android smartphone chip ever.

We just have to wait for more details after the next SoC is officially announced November 8th. The manufacturer is also expected to reveal The first partners Who will use the latest chip in their smartphones. Among the possible candidates, Realme, Oppo and Vivo stand out, which should hit the market with their smartphones equipped with the new MediaTek SoC. By the end of December.

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