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Until February 07, 2023 Here you can find a selection of the best offers for consumer electronics on sale Fnac.comWhether you’re looking for culinary, wellbeing, or linen care, you’re sure to find the attractive offers you’re looking for.

Steamone SN300SB-A 2000W Portable Steamer: €69.99 instead of €109.99

Steam One, a great specialist in clothing steamers, offers with the SN300SB-A a model with 10 times more autonomy thanks to its large 0.3 L tank. That’s a fair amount for a handheld model.The autonomy of the movement is 20 minutes and its weight is 1.1kg Make it easy to carry.

A notable feature is Ready in 30 seconds, offers a 30g/min steam flow rate, an automatic shut-off function, and an ergonomic trigger that allows fine tuning of the steam. Steamone SN300SB-A comes with suction hook, storage cover, universal bottle connector and brush.

ROWENTA Canister Vacuum Cleaner RO7487EA Noise Reduction Strength: €259.99 instead of €369.69

Despite the growing success of stick vacuums, canister vacuums are resisting. It is more powerful, does not suffer from autonomy restrictions, is more economical to purchase and is more durable, not to mention.

The ROWENTA RO7487EA Silence Force fits perfectly into this framework. 400 watts of power11 meter radius of action, very serious manufacturing with 4 multi-directional wheels and its 360° bumper4.5 liter large capacity tank, etc.

An effective vacuum cleaner for carpets and animal hair, ROWENTA RO7487EA Silence force comes with mini and maxi turbo brushes, special parquet brushes, crevice nozzles and large flat upholstery nozzles.


Blender Beko TBS3164X 1600 W Black and Gray: €119.99 instead of €159.99

Over the years, Beko has built an enviable reputation in the world of small and large appliances. This blender has the advantage of being very affordable while offering very good performance, especially thanks to its comfortable power of 1600 watts and its blade system.

Beko TBS3164X in action 6 double star blades, 2 upper blades for chopping and 4 lower blades for mixing. Its many features allow you to make hot soups, smoothies, and even crushed ice, not to mention the Super Blender feature.

With a very practical speed variator, Maximum speed 32000 rpmMilkshakes, soups, sauces, cocktails, you can do it all with this Beko blender.

Blender-Beko-TBS3164X-1600-W-Black and Gray

Kenwood KMX760BC Multifunction Pastry Robot and KAX962ME Chopper: €359.99 instead of €518.99

The Kenwood KMX760BC Multifunctional Pastry Robot makes creating delicious homemade pastries a breeze. Not only do we love the sturdy construction and elegant design, the metal pastry kit (kneader, whisk, beater), but also the safety (it starts gradually and stops when you raise your head).

With a 5 liter capacity bowl and 1000 watts of power, you can create delicious meals for the whole family. There is also a splash guard and many functions (beater, mixer, kneader, chopper, pasta, whisk).

Even better, this pastry robot comes with a metal butcher screw chopper. So you can prepare minced steaks, sausages, tartare, etc. yourself.

Multifunctional Patio Robot-Kenwood-KMX760BC-and-KAX962ME-1000-W-Silver-and-Black

Espresso Crups Nescafe Dolce Gusto YY4950FD Piccolo XS: €54.99 instead of €79.89

We are first attracted to its design and curves. It would be a mistake to reduce this machine to a simple coffee maker. Because you can make a delicious chocolate drink or a delicious cup of tea.

Crups Nescafe Dolce Gusto YY4950FD Piccolo XS very easy to use Because the capsule holder automatically turns on the machine as soon as you handle it. So the machine is ready to use after preheating. 30 seconds.

With a removable 0.8 liter tank, 1500 watts of power and 15 bar of pressure, you can enjoy delicious macchiato, cappuccino, espresso, chocolate, latte coffee and more.


Samsung Bespoke Jet Complete VS20A95843W 580 W Stick Vacuum Cleaner White: €729.99 instead of €899.99

Samsung offers a high-end vacuum cleaner with the Bespoke Jet Complete VS20A95843W. 210W suction power for comfortable suction. cyclone technology (Top) and Removable Battery Offer Maximum run time 60 minutes (30 minutes with electric brush in standard mode, 3 minutes with maximum power in electric brush).

But the cool thing about this broom vacuum cleaner is, without a doubt, that it doubles as a charging station. Garbage dumpThe latter uses air pulse technology to empty dust containers. Plus, as the brand states, it “traps 99.999% of fine dust and the antimicrobial dust bag prevents 99.9% of bacterial growth.”

samsung vacuum cleaner many accessoriesnamely, Jet Dual Motorized Brush, Motorized Parquet Brush, Motorized Animal Brush, Accessory Holder, 2-in-1 Accessory, Crevice Nozzle, and Multi Directional Elbow.


Marathon Weather Station MW Lisbon BA030021 Black: €79.99 instead of €99.99

To know all about the weather at a glance, the Marathon MW Lisbon BA030021 weather station is the perfect choice. Its compact design allows it to be placed on a bedside table or shelf. Highly readable screen Provides a lot of information.

So this station informs you about indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor and outdoor humidity, weather forecastseconds. Humidity, like temperature, may record indoor and outdoor maximum and minimum values ​​(over 24 hours).

The marathon station also displays the time and ‘comfort rating’ on a large color LCD screen. It is also equipped with self-adjusting and self-adjusting functions to ensure accurate measurements at all times.Even better, alert features (frost alert and adjustable temperature alert) and Wake-up/alarm function.


KRUPS YY4811FD Beertender® Compact Beer Pump, Dispenser + Accessories 65 W: €249.99 instead of €289.99

Consumed in moderation, of course, it’s the perfect beer pump for a night out with friends. The KRUPS YY4811FD Beertender® Compact is very easy to use and allow you to taste 4° cold beer.

Its 5 liter capacity is comfortable and compatible with beer kegs from major brands of the Heineken Group, such as Affligem, Desperados, Perforce and of course Heineken.

Its compact design and clean finish make it a proud spot on your worktop. Cleanup is easy and an indicator lets you know when your beer is ready to serve. A bar-like service handle and plenty of foam are yours!

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