The best free classic Tetris games

Here is a list The best free classic Tetris games. Play the best free Tetris games for browser, PC and mobile devices.

Spending a few minutes playing video games is a way to relieve everyday stress, as more and more people like to play historical titles to evoke not only nostalgia, but also a degree of challenge that is now almost lost in modern titles.

No matter how much you search on the web and in digital stores, you will notice how the most sought after and used games are those that have been around for many years, very simple in gameplay, but with an exceptional degree of challenge. It is definitely one of the most popular games out there Tetris classica title that can give you as much a quick game as an entire afternoon of record-breaking.

The platforms where you can run the different versions of Free classic tetris There are really many of them, but some of them can offer you a better gaming experience than others. Let’s see what are the best classic Tetris games to try ever.


Free classic tetris

The best free classic Tetris games

As you well know, Tetris is a puzzle and logic puzzle video game that was invented in the year 1984 by Alexey Leonidovich Bazytinov-invented due to inspiration from the already famous tetrominoes. Although there have been many shifts over time, the gameplay and game purposes have remained the same.

Specifically, the purpose of this title is to be able to fit shapes within the boundaries of the game, while it will flow from top to bottom faster and faster. When a complete horizontal line is formed, it will be cleared allowing you to move forward and increase your score.

You can play the classic game of Tetris online and on mobile platforms such as smartphones and video game consoles. In the following lines we will focus on The best classic Tetris games It can be played on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and online.

1. (online)

Free Tetris

Do you want to turn on your computer, connect to the internet and access the game board directly using only your web browser? Then the fastest and most effective option is Tetris.coma platform that makes fundamentals and practicality its strengths.

You do not necessarily have to register with the platform, you will have to click in the middle of the page game And collect as many points as possible. The strengths of this site are the customization and the very intuitive interface. by clicking on Settings wheel You can choose the keys you want to use individually, in case you don’t like the default keys. Definitely a very fast website, you can pause it by just clicking the right button of your mouse.

2. Tetris Geek (online)

Free Tetris

Classic Tetris alternative for PC that you can quickly play online is jake tetris. Nostalgia is the word that gives the best idea of ​​the feelings this video game can give you.

Unlike the previous one, however, the game’s interface and customization are very limited, as you’ll encounter a small size Game Boy In two dimensions to start the game. The keys are in English and to start the game session you will have to click on Drop or on the space bar. You will not be able to move the shapes on the screen with the mouse, but you will have to tap the left, right, down and rotate keys to move them.

3. Classic Tetris (Android, iOS)

tetra free

We are sure that managing via a web browser is not your first choice, right? you can play Tetris classic Even from your Android and iOS smartphone. The version most downloaded and appreciated by fans of this game is the one in which you can manage everything better, without too many modifications.

The version that we offer you contains both basic and additional mode, such as PvP or skills. You can download the app from Play Store and App Store.

4. (online)

Tetris online

Among the best classic Tetris game that you can play online for free is the one he suggested, a platform that pays attention to the point and provides you with the main interface directly to start the game. Go to the official page and click on the button to start the game Playat the top.

It will start right after the match and you can block it at any time by clicking stop, displayed next to the game window. To move the figure in the box you will have to use the left and right arrow keys, while to rotate it you will have to use the up arrow.

5. Cutris II (Windows, Mac)

Tetris game

Very nice version too Cottres II Available for Mac and Windows. Although you can also play it online, for a comfortable viewing it is recommended to download the program directly to your computer and install it.

Going to this webpage, you will have to select the version windows or macOS want to download it, 14MB and 8MB respectively. The game offers you a very colorful screen and good customization.

6. Classic Block Falling (Android)

Tetris game

If you want to get the most out of your Android operating system, you might want to give it a try Classic block drop, an app that provides you with all the basic functions of Tetris and adds some interesting little tricks to make your games faster. The ergonomic interface and the very bright colors are also perfect for getting your kids excited.

If you don’t like this version of Tetris graphically, you can choose a valid alternative like word block puzzles. In this case, you’ll notice less bright colors and it’s no longer the canonical vertical scrolling mode, but a multi-directional puzzle game.

7. Brick Classic Tetrix (iOS)

Free Tetris game

We also considered an iOS-only version of the classic Tetris, specifically one of the best Break Classic Tetrix. Available for both your iPhone and iPad, it will allow you to play a variant very similar to the original one, with intuitive and never annoying screen controls.

You can also pause whenever you want and challenge the CPU to motivate yourself to get the best score.

8. Kongragate (online)

Classic Tetris

A search engine that can help you find many other versions of the classic Tetris game to play online Kongragate. In this case, you just need to go to the official page and select the version that you like best. You will be able to see the satisfaction of the players and try alternatives to the games that we have presented to you so far.

This platform is certainly not very modern anymore, but it offers you an impressive number of Tetris in flash games, in fact there are more than 100 of them. If you like chess online, you will also find a good section of games with a free chessboard.

9. FreeTetris (online)

Free classic tetris

Need a website that lets you play Tetris online without any distraction? So FreeTetris It can work for you due to the minimal creation of the game interface and the colors designed to cause you as little discomfort as possible during the games.

To start a game, go to the official website and click on the top center game Game. The game will start after 3 seconds and you can move the figure during the gameplay using the arrow keys on your keyboard. In addition to using the key stopYou can also edit the commands individually and change the speed and response time. We also emphasize the ability to turn off the music.

10. Tetris Effect (Windows)

tetris download

If you love to play games on your personal computer, you must try it Tetris Effect for windows. Unfortunately, there is no free version, but you will have to purchase the game from epic games at the expense of About 16 euros. It represents one of the most interesting variations of Classic Tetris, with new game dynamics and modern, objectively cool graphics.

To purchase on Epic Games, you will need to register and proceed with the order by accessing the official online store or from the program.

Other interesting online gaming websites that we would like to recommend are: steam And the Instant games.

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