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Again, Bleach: The Bloody Thousand Years’ War is the center of attention. Since the beginning of the fall, the franchise has continued to gather anime fans for its cause. Week after week, the number of supporters continues to grow, much to the chagrin of other titles released during the same period.

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And with the franchise’s latest smash hit, the spiritual pressure will kick up a notch.

A titanic battle

If you are a fan of anime and in particular the Nekketsu genre, you must not have missed Episode 7 of Bleach. Will the new Bleach anime enter another dimension with this episode? Even though it’s a little early to get carried away, it’s clear that this episode has fans excited.

Fans have already watched with anticipation after the fight between Yhwach and Genryusai that ended in victory for the Emperor of Wandenreich. But it’s still not enough. The franchise returns to the onslaught with Episode 7, which this time sees Yhwach face Ichigo Kurosaki.

While imprisoned in Quilge Opie prison until then, Ichigo witnesses a horrific scene upon his release. The headquarters is completely in ruins and he finds Byakuya Kuchiki on the verge of death. Suffice to say, Ichigo needs no other reason to go wild. And as you can see below, Ichigo has pushed his limits again.

Yhwach much too strong?

Although Ichigo fought with all his might, we have to admit that Yhwach was able to muzzle him from start to finish. Besides, after the trials he had to endure to get out of Quilge Opie prison, he was exhausted enough. Compared to Yhwach who still had something under the elbow, the game was over.

That said, like Sousuke Aizen in the past, the Lord of Wandenreich wants to mobilize Ichigo to his cause. But again, Ichigo has no intention of swearing allegiance to such a person. During the battle, Ichigo is about to pass through as the rift between them is terrible. And while everything seems over, Yhwach is surprised to see a Blut Ven appear on Ichigo’s neck.

He can’t believe his eyes, but that’s not a mistake. Ichigo just awakened Quincy’s powers. But again, it’s not enough to conquer Yhwach. Ichigo only owes his salvation to the fact that Yhwach couldn’t stay in Seireitei for a second longer.

What did you think of this new episode of Bleach and the fight between Ichigo and Yhwach? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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