The best Black Friday deals on Amazon for iPhone 13 and 14

The real Amazon Black Friday week starts on Monday 21st of November and there is no shortage of offers also regarding the 2021 iPhone 13 and also the brand new iPhone 14. In practice, those who aim to acquire an Apple device (also for the upcoming Christmas period as a gift under the tree) can count on a really interesting discount on both models just mentioned.

For the iPhone 13 launched last year, it’s a coincidence that the discount is naturally more significant given the “old age” of the product, so to speak. The moment is right for the iPhone 2021 128GB Model, Galaxy. The device, in fact, now sells for 799 euros, no longer at 939 euros according to the list price. The promotion is certainly interesting, but only one aspect must be taken into account that certainly cannot be neglected: the parcel with the iPhone will not arrive at its destination before December 12th. It will definitely arrive in time and probably end up under the tree but we cannot say that delivery, in this case, is fast.

Another amazing offer of this week Black Friday Amazon is also the one dedicated to the newly launched iPhone 14. The current savings is invested in the model of the Apple device with 256 GB of internal memory. To obtain it, it will now be necessary to pay 1057 euros instead of the basic 1159 euros, a significant saving of about 100 euros. Discounts invest, at this moment, the sample is red and fortunately there are no important waiting times, given that the package will arrive at its destination no later than the current week. All the promotions listed so far are naturally related to the availability of stocks: given the important discounts, a useful tip is not to wait too long to buy, as the selected products can be picked up quickly.

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