the Belgian couple has to demolish half of their house or pay a fine of 400 euros per month, “if Steven does not pay his debt before December 21, the bailiff will seize everything”

To prevent their house and garden from being flooded by a stream near their house in Zandbergen, Steven and Priscilla decided to build a low wall. They also carried out some work, such as a new flat roof or a new inner wall. Except that the Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM) is now asking them to… tear down half of their houses. They were also fined 400 euros per month.

The reason for what the authorities are imposing on them? The extension of the back of their house is less than 5 meters from the stream, which is prohibited according to Het Nieuwsblad. However, Steven explains that “it has been around since the property was built and it was also the state when we bought the property. If I have to demolish this, there will only be half of our house left.” During the inspection, the VMM noted the couple’s few renovations. It is also for this reason that a demolition was imposed on them, as well as a fine of 400 € per month as long as it is carried out.

The couple’s lawyer explains that a bailiff has been appointed since Steven refuses to pay the penalty: “The bailiff has noted everything. From cars to TV and Playstation. If Steven does not pay his debt on December 21, the bailiff will seize everything”. An appeal has been lodged with the Council of State. The case is pending.

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