The 5 most important new features of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series was announced yesterday evening. We have finally set our sights on the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra, which make up the new flagships (but that’s not all). Line of producers for the first part of the year. Samsung has decided not to completely overturn last year’s range, but there are still some interesting innovations.let’s discover together The 5 most important new features of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

Here are the best new additions to the Samsung Galaxy S23 series

We have already made a detailed comparison with the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, Galaxy S23 Ultra and their direct predecessors, but today more interesting news Brought to you by a new flagship. Major changes span technical specs, features and even design. In fact, smartphones bring innovation in terms of hardware, software and even aesthetic “consistency”.

1 – Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy SoC

Let’s start with the hardware. Perhaps the most important novelty of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is his brand new Qualcomm chipset, developed in collaboration with the Korean manufacturer. Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy SoC, a specially modified chip for the new lineup. For us European and Italian users, having a Samsung flagship with a Qualcomm processor is already a novelty given that the Seoul company has always opted for Exynos in recent years.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy offers an enhanced CPU and GPU (Adreno 740), making it more efficient in power and consumption than the base version. For more information, see our dedicated article. According to Samsung, the newly developed CPU microarchitecture increases the processing power of the Galaxy S23 series by about 30% compared to the Galaxy S22 series (first benchmarks prove it right). seems to be). The highly efficient NPU architecture is 49% optimized to balance performance and power, and uses AI algorithms to enable users to take photos and videos. The optimized GPU is around 41% faster than the Galaxy 22 series. The flagship model is ready to support real-time ray tracing and all ranges offer a larger vapor chamber cooling system.

2 – UFS 4.0 memory

Samsung Galaxy S23 series leads to debut in manufacturer’s device files Memories of UFS 4.0, which is even faster and more efficient than 3.1 used in the previous period. Theoretically, the new memory guarantees a maximum data transfer rate of 23.2 Gbps. This is effectively double the value compared to the previous generation. In addition, it has sequential read speeds up to 4200MB/s, sequential write speeds up to 2800MB/s, and higher efficiency. The data shows a sequential read speed of 6MB/s per mA, a 46% improvement over its predecessor. In other words, UFS 4.0 memory can provide a faster system and consume less energy even for file transfers. All in a very small space (11 x 13 x 1 mm).

The new memory is only available in sizes of 256 GB and above. So for the 256 GB Galaxy S23, the 256 and 512 GB Galaxy S23+, and the 256, 512 GB and 1 TB Galaxy S23 Ultra. This unfortunately means that the starting version of the Samsung Galaxy S23 has been “cut off” and remains at UFS 3.1. However, for now, you can take advantage of Samsung Shop’s promotion to purchase the 256 GB version for the same price as the 128 GB version.

3 – Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s new 200 MP camera

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra brings an absolute novelty: new 200MP adaptive pixel sensorIt leverages 16-in-1 pixel binning to simultaneously support different levels of high-resolution processing (200MP, 50MP, and 12MP output) and improves focus using Super Quad Pixel Technology. The flagship’s photographic department is the most advanced the manufacturer has ever made and is designed to return the highest level of detail in any condition.

A new image signal processing algorithm (ISP) based on artificial intelligence not only enhances the details and colors of objects and subjects, but also corrects visual noise, especially in low light. The entire series also introduces the first Galaxy Super HDR camera for fast autofocus and selfies, jumping from 30 fps to 60 fps for sharper images and videos.

4 – One UI 5.1

In the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, One UI 5.1the unreleased version of the operating system on which it is still based. Android 13Like every year, the manufacturer brings a new range to the market with some additional features. will also appear.

multi controlwas designed to connect mouse and keyboard functionality between PCs and tablets, and extended to smartphones for greater flexibility between different devices. Beyond simple screen sharing, Google Meet live sharing allows all participants to edit text and documents from her Android device, facilitating features such as copy and paste (of URL addresses, for example). Galaxy Book peripherals, either integrated or external, are available with One UI 5.1. For example, you can copy files from your PC or drag images with your mouse. The Auto Share feature allows you to automatically share your photos with your PC.

Apps in One UI 5.1 expert student Integrated into the Camera app for easy access to more advanced features. This version of the operating system allows you to change each component of the unlock screen. For example, you can create a sticker from your photo and layer it over an existing widget on your screen.In addition, widgets are available smart suggestions, recommend an app or action. You can recommend calling back people you’ve called before, or suggest playlists you usually listen to at a certain time.

Samsung has yet to formalize the full changelog for One UI 5.1, but you can find an “unofficial” list of all the news here.

5 – More Consistent Design and Greater Sustainability

Let’s wrap up with design-related news. It’s very difficult to distinguish the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra from its direct predecessor (apart from perhaps the color). All three models can rely on glass Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 (front and back), better resistance to drops, bumps and scratches. Laboratory tests show that he can withstand a 1-meter drop onto a hard surface such as concrete.

This year, Samsung decided to givecommon identity All three smartphones have a photographic lens mounted directly on the body, but last year only the Ultra version offered this solution. The overall look is consistent across the Galaxy S23 series.

The manufacturer sustainability: The new range is made with more recycled materials than the 2022 product. Among others, pre-consumer aluminum and recycled glass, post-consumer recycled plastic from discarded fishing nets, water tanks and PET extension bottles. This glass is designed to contain an average of 22% more post-consumer recycled materials. In fact, Samsung has received UL ECOLOGO certification in recognition of its limited environmental impact.

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