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Black Friday, with its thousands of temptations, is here now, but today I’m mainly targeting nerds, especially those who are passionate about the history of technology and are always looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. I’m talking about GRID, a company that specializes in breathing new life into historic parts of the technology world.

Who is Grid

NETWORK is a company that can stand out from other companies that offer collectibles for a simple but effective idea. You take a technological device (smartphone, smartwatch, portable console) that made history, disassembles it completely and puts it in a frame to give it a kind of immortality and to be able to admire it in its entirety.

An excellent idea if you loved a particular smartphone or if, like me, you have some spring on your shoulders and look nostalgically to the first portable consoles (Game Boy docet) and you always like to have them on display. I already have a few “90s” hanging in the living room, a Original Gameboya iPhone 3SThe first Google Pixel and thanks to GRID a T Mobile G1the first smartphone with Android, a piece that cannot be missing in the collection of a real enthusiast.

How GRID works

GRID T-Mobile G1

On the cover, but also in the article, you can see the photos of the T-Mobile G1, a smartphone that actually wrote the history of mobile telephony, after bringing Android to its debut fourteen years ago. GRID takes care of the recovery of smartphones and devices in general to be framed from authorized dealers to ensure their authenticity.

After that comes every device disassembled down to the last screw clean deep, disinfected and attached to a cardboard box that contains the information on the various components. In the case of T-Mobile G1 we discover the data of the processor, the chip dedicated to wireless communication, the single rear camera and all the other elements. Of particular note is the iconic keyboard, hidden by a sliding screen, which has been replaced by the on-screen keyboard over the years, but is still regretted by many users for its convenience.

The frame is well protected by travel-safe packaging survived an overseas flight without any problems. Those who pay attention to details will have noticed that the battery is missing: it is a choice made in the name of safety, to avoid any problem of deterioration that over time could even cause serious problems. In some cases, for the sake of completeness, there is also a plastic simulacrum that replicates the battery.

The quality of the product is always excellent, I have several GRID brand products and each time it is a treat for the eyes and an immersion in the memory. Be sure to shop and you can create your own gallery of technological products that will go down in history.

A Black Friday promotion

GRID T-Mobile G1

On the occasion of Black Friday, GRID is launching an excellent promotion with two of the most coveted products in its collection: GRID 4S, dedicated to the iPhone 4S, and GRIDPSP1000, a unique piece for gaming enthusiasts who have had fun with Sony’s first portable console.

These two products are discounted by 40% and 48% respectivelybut we also have a discount code that allows you to save 15% on all products available on the site. GRID 4S is on offer for 95.61 euros, which corresponds to a saving of almost 70 euros compared to the list price GRID PSP1000 It can be yours for 114.92 euros, almost half of the more than 220 euros of the new price. Below is the link to access the GRID website and choose the product that best suits your needs.

We also point out among the latest news the collections of pins tracing the history of Apple devices, a must haves for a real apple bite fan.

GRID Black Friday promotion

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