Tesla Self-Driving is available (in beta) for everyone

After years of announcements and broken promises, all US Tesla customers can finally request access to autonomous driving or advanced assisted driving functions, provided of course that they have purchased the relevant optional package, which currently costs $15,000 in a one-time fee. Or by subscribing for $199 per month. For years Tesla had offered at a surcharge the option that would have made it possible to access full autonomous driving functions in the future, and that day has finally arrived, albeit in experimental form of Level 2 autonomous driving, where control of the vehicle is the responsibility of the driver. Who should keep his hands on the wheel.

In Italy, the “Autonomous driving with maximum potential” option still costs 7,500 euros, but even if the “City Street Autosteer”, as the function implemented by Full Self-Drive is called, is coming soon, it will probably be There is a long time to wait for Europe. In the United States itself, where regulations are much less stringent than in Europe, Tesla’s move has been the subject of heated debate since the first beta version of a small number of Tesla cars was released in 2020. The self-driving software, which exploits artificial intelligence algorithms and captured data By the camera system with which the cars are equipped, they are in fact still in an initial version, with constant updates that combine improvements and regression from one version to another and despite the name they are not able to drive the car in complete autonomy.

Musk’s announcement should correspond to the release of version 11 of the new software, which promises new steps forward. The software allows the vehicles to move automatically in the city streets towards the destination specified in the navigator, to make turns, stops and changes and to cross lanes and junctions, however, all under the strict supervision of the driver who must always be ready at all times to take control of the vehicle, as the software is not capable Yet to respond safely to every situation that may arise on the road. The openness to all customers who require it would certainly allow Tesla to collect more data to train the algorithm, but doubts remain about the safety risks posed by trading a large number of vehicles at this stage in the system’s development.

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