Tesla may soon get Apple Music support

Historically, Tesla owners haven’t had many options for natively streaming music from their vehicle. Popular phone-link services like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are conspicuously absent from Tesla’s infotainment screen.

According to Electrek, streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal have been added to the car’s operating system in recent years, but Spotify itself has been the main focus.

While Tesla drivers have long been able to watch Netflix and play video games from the screen of their (fortunately) parked Tesla, they haven’t always had many options when it comes to streaming music. In an EV landscape where most vehicles have the ability to mirror smartphones, Tesla has been stubborn about adding more capabilities to its own infotainment system.

According to some astute observers and a report from Electrek, Tesla owners may have a different streaming option in the future. Tesla could add Apple Music.

Visitors have noticed that vehicles on display at the new Tesla exhibit at the Peterson Automotive Museum use Apple Music, software that was previously unavailable.

A software update

Electrek reports that while current Tesla owners can’t access the app in their own cars, it appears to work flawlessly on show vehicles. The application could soon appear on all Tesla through a software updatewhich Tesla often does during the holidays.

As of now, Tesla has neither confirmed nor denied the addition of Apple Music – or any other music streaming app. The fact that the software is currently running in public view on vehicles on display is a good sign that the addition of at least Apple’s streaming service is on the horizon soon. After all, adding new features to a famously limited infotainment system is never a bad thing.

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