Tesla announces its semi-delivery event

After years of waiting, PepsiCo will take Tesla’s largest electric tractor pre-orders on December 1 at the Tesla Gigafactory Story County, Nevada. The automaker announced the “semi-delivery event” in a tweet with a photo of a lone Tesla Semi on a dark, foggy road.

Other than the date and location, Tesla has not provided any other details about the event. However, anyone who has followed the five-year history of the Tesla Semi knows that PepsiCo was the first company to order the 500-mile electric semi-range in 2017. After years of development and delays, Telsa CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Oct. 6 that production would begin. Finally, the delivery will take place on December 1st.

Until today, no one knew if the delivery of electric cars would take place at the Pepsi plant or the Tesla factory. We now know that the delivery will take place in Tesla territory.

Details about the trailers emerged throughout the year. In May, the automaker officially opened reservations for its semi-trucks, indicating that electric vehicles will soon enter production. In June, the company showed a prototype tractor-trailer that delivers a Tesla Supercharger at an arena in Laguna Seca, California. A few weeks ago, video showed one of the road-going tractor-trailers reaching highway speeds in seconds in Sever Springs, Nevada.

Although PepsiCo and Tesla didn’t provide many details about the handover event, it’s expected to be open only to shareholders and Elon Musk is likely to be in attendance.

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