Tec and Be Wapp join forces for more cleanliness

They are clean, feature a prominent ashtray and trash can, and unambiguous messages adorn their windows. The test bus shelters will be installed in a municipality in each Walloon province, in La Bruyère (Namur), Florenville (Luxembourg), Burdine (Liège), Chamont-Gistoux (BW) and Beloeil (Hainaut).

The area around the bus shelters has been cleaned because “we don’t want a clean place to get as dirty as a place that seems neglected,” explains Youri Slooutzky from Be Wapp. The shelter as such has also been thoroughly cleaned and messages such as “Your waste, it is destination waste” are visible, or a reminder of the fines for leaving waste on the ground.

The test should last one month and different types of cleanliness measurements will be carried out: before and during the installation of the device, and one month after its removal.

“The aim,” concludes Youri Slooutzky, “is to send the results of this test to the municipalities through a video capsule that aggregates the good practices that have been put forward and that can be reproduced if necessary. »

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