Sygic GPS Navigation has been revamped with many new features and a Black Friday offer

Sygic GPS Navigation is an application android The most popular navigation and maps with over 50 million downloads and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 1.84 million reviews from users who have chosen the app as your browser Sentences. in these hours, Sygic GPS Navigation is marking the arrival of several new features Which will enrich the functionality available to users who have chosen or will choose to rely on the application for navigation. marking Black FridayMoreover, there is also something interesting Offer to use towards savings on annual subscription Suggested by Sygic. Here are all the details:

Sygic GPS Navigation is updated with lots of news for users

The New update from Sygic GPS Navigation It marks the arrival of many new features of the application. With the new version of the application, les becomes available to all users Satellite maps Which can be used for free through the app.

Also worth noting is an important improvement in Traffic sign recognition system. In fact, with the latest version of the app, the system is now able to detect the signal No overtaking. Then there is a file Real View Navigation function upgrade Which allows you to take advantage of augmented reality to improve navigation, as shown in the official video that we attach below:

We also point out that marking black Fridayyou can accessPremium subscription to Sygic GPS Navigation at a discount. The offer available directly in the application provides the possibility of activating the annual subscription at the discounted price 32%. Thanks to this discount, the subscription price increases from € 24.99 to only 16.99 euros for 12 months. Also note that for new users there is also a 7-day free trial period.

With the premium version of Sygic GPS Navigation, you can access it Various featuresFor safer and more comfortable driving. Among the features that can be unlocked with the subscription we find:

  • Offline 3D maps with monthly updates
  • Connectivity with Android Auto and CarPlay
  • Detect speed limits and speed cameras
  • Route assistant function
  • Traffic information in real time
  • Recognize traffic signs
  • Head-up display with navigation directions displayed on the windshield of the vehicle
  • Real View Navigation

For more details you can access The official website of Sygic GPS Navigation.

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