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Black Friday 2022 has arrived. For tech lovers, the week of “Black Friday” is the most anticipated day of the year, even more so than the week of Christmas. Now even the walls of the house know it: if (we) want to give ourselves a gift, there is no better time than this thanks to the offers in store and online.

Among these there are also offers Black Friday is for the Apple WatchThe wearable device from the Cupertino company is designed for those who love to live a healthy life. Especially not to be missed are MediaWorld’s Apple Watch Black Friday promotions, with Series 8 and SE models at a deep discount.

Why buy an apple watch

Seven years have passed since the first commercialization Apple Watch And since then, no one has been able to reach the level of the Apple smart watch. There was no shortage of imitations, it will probably continue to exist, but the original always has something extra.

There are many reasons to buy an Apple Watch over a competitive smartwatch. Here we will confine ourselves to explaining the two most important: Health monitoring and the Fitness tracking.

Health monitoring

If you want to have a device on your wrist that helps you monitor your health day in and day out, the Apple Watch is the market standard. starting from Sleep measurementStarting with Apple Watch Series 8, the device also monitors your breathing rhythm, heart rate, and blood oxygen – wrist temperature.

The Apple Watch is also an excellent device for receiving notifications about Heart health. In addition to alerting you if your heart rate is too high or too low, the heart rate app built into your Apple wearable can notify you if atrial fibrillation is present. Not only that, because it is also able to perform an ECG thanks to the ECG app.

Another very useful feature is tracking drugs Via the homogenous app pre-installed on your Apple Watch. To have a smartwatch monitor your medications, supplements, and vitamins, just add it to the Health app on your iPhone and then register it on the wearable.

On the topic of health and safety, Apple’s wearables have managed to make a difference with their emergency services. For example, he managed to notice that you had a bad fall, and immediately after that Automatically call for help. And if you find yourself in any other emergency situation, simply press and hold the side button of the device to call for help immediately.

Apple Watch Health

Fitness tracking

Besides health tracking, the Apple Watch is also a leader in fitness tracking. Apple device includesactivity appsthrough which you can monitor physical activity during the day, with the aim of living a less active life and training more.

But it’s also the perfect device for those who engage in competitive activity every day. L’Application work out It has been further improved in recent years, with the introduction of new, more advanced parameters such as altitude difference, power zones and heart rate. And if you use the multisport functions, you can switch from one exercise to another automatically.

Another strong point is Water resistant up to 50 meters deep. In this way, you are no longer targeting only swimmers or surfers, but also people who usually go diving. For the latter, the most suitable device is the Apple Watch Ultra model.

Apple Watch Series 7 in the water

Who is the Apple Watch SE model for?

MediaWorld’s Apple Watch Black Friday is offering the new Apple Watch SE at a very affordable price, yet another reason to treat yourself to (or give away) the wearable from Best value for money.

In addition to being cheaper than the latest Series 8 or Ultra model, the SE has a great deal Balance between functions and available devices. In fact, it also installed an S8 chip, the same one found in the two top-performing models mentioned above. This not only translates into greater fluidity for the device, but also a guarantee of longevity, with the possibility of receiving several software updates over the next few years.

The SE model is the device Perfect for first-time Apple Watch buyers Or smartwatch, in addition to being The first choice for those who intend to replace their old model this year without spending a fortune.

Who is the Apple Watch Series 8 model for?

Apple Watch Series 8 is the latest model introduced by Apple in September 2022. What’s new

The device goes to perfect the already excellent Series 7, and will add a new metering sensor wrist temperatureThe International Roaming And the job Incident detection.

The eighth generation Apple Watch is ramping up as the operating system watchOS9. Among the key innovations are international roaming and the revolutionary compass application. With MediaWorld’s Apple Watch Black Friday Deals, you can buy Apple’s latest wearable at a discount, in order to save a portion of the budget that might otherwise go towards buying another gift for Christmas.

The Series 8 For those who want to experience the ultimate Apple Watch experience every daywithout giving up any new features, such as accident detection or nighttime basal temperature monitoring.

If you want to know about the latest deals from MediaWorld, take a look at our Apple Watch Black Friday section.

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