Stolen Apple Car Documents: Ex-Engineer Arrested

Apple’s plan to produce an electric car (Apple Car), It has been announced for some time nowIt will be a long time before it sees the light of day. The information provided in this regard is very little and is kept strictly confidential: So it is not surprising that a former Apple engineer received a very harsh sentence for trying to steal confidential documents on him.

The news came today but man, Xiaolang ZhangHe was arrested in 2018. At first he pleaded not guilty, but after a very long trial he decided to confess. The stolen material consisted of 25 pages of documentation relating to the new circuits intended for self-driving vehicles. The motive: to resell to compete.

Zhang, an engineer assigned to the top-secret project, plans to sell Apple Car information to Chinese automaker Xpeng. The arrest took place at the airport, just before she left a plane for China. Zhang had just quit in a hurry to go to work for Xpeng, and he was being watched by Apple. A pre-boarding inspection revealed theft.

After the confession, Zhang will have to wait for the judge’s final ruling on November 14. The former engineer faces up to 10 years in prison, as well as a $250,000 fine. Xpeng cooperated with the authorities immediately and there is no reason to doubt he knew what happened, so he is not part of the trial at this time.

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