STIB advocates respect for its employees in Brussels

Stib’s staff is there every day at the service of travelers. Women and men whose profession, whether driving, security, at stations, at ticket offices or in customer service, is to enable everyone to travel around the capital, 365 days a year. These women and men deserve respect. However, every day they are attacked while practicing their profession. Mainly verbal attacks, but sometimes they are also physical.

attacks every day

Last year, STIB counted 657 verbal attacks by travelers against its employees. and 113 physical assaults. At least two every day. Figures that are, in fact, certainly higher, because clients do not always report all the assaults, especially verbal, of which they are victims.

“No aggression, even verbal, has its place on the STIB Network. These are unacceptable facts, period. Our crew is for everyday commuters. It deserves respect as much as anyone else. Aggression is rising in our city, all sectors are affected. It’s urgent that we come to our senses.” insists Brioc de Meis, CEO of Stib.

Shock to raise awareness

Step decides to strike hard for her Respect campaign. Brussels’ public transport company has teamed up with rapper Youssef Suat to make the voices of its employees heard and to raise awareness of what they and they experience, on a daily basis, when they are at the service of commuters.

These are actually insults directed at the members of the Step that we hear in the song composed especially for this campaign. Words no one wants to hear. Because verbal aggression is also aggression.

These insults, which were too crude to be shown, were masked in the campaign images broadcast on the STIB network, as well as in excerpts from the song intended for social networks. Only YouTube can provide the video in the full version.

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