Step-by-step: How to install a VPN

VPNs are popular

With the advent of telecommuting, business VPNs have become mainstream. This solution allows you to securely connect to company resources for working from home. But in addition to these solutions, which can be very complicated to configure, there are many offers for individuals on the market.

Consumer VPNs sometimes get a bad rap because many people think they are basically used to discreetly connect to illegal streaming services.If this usage should not be obscured, the VPN is Numerous perfectly legal and most practical benefits.

For example, you may be able to access legal streaming content and services while on vacation abroad, only to be denied access due to host country censorship policies or simply for broadcast rights reasons. With a VPN, you can often get around this restriction and access content you’ve paid for.

Another example is that it’s not uncommon for future content on the French version of the platform to already be available on the American or other version. Or that there are more episodes available elsewhere. For the most impatient and addicted, a VPN may help you view this content more quickly by tricking the service into believing you’re elsewhere.

Another more serious reason to use a VPN is that you can bypass authoritarian regime censorship and protect yourself from their inquisitive eyes. It’s no coincidence that countries like China, North Korea, and Iraq have banned his VPN.


I’m not going to go into any more detail about the interest of VPN solutions or how they work. For this, see an excellent decryption devoted to this subject.

Install the NordVPN solution

The purpose of this article is to show that installing a consumer VPN is not as complicated as it seems. In this article, we used NordVPN, a well-known solution, but we point out that other equally respectable solutions such as CyberGhost, Proton, and Express VPN offer the same type of service. must be .

Understand that NordVPN is a multi-platform solution, providing not only a desktop application to install the VPN on your Windows PC or Mac, but also a mobile application for tablets and smartphones on Android or iPhone and iPad. Please give me. The service also supports ChromeOS and Linux. In this case, install it on a computer running Windows 10.

install the application

First, download and install the application for Windows. No problem. Just give NordVPN the power to change your system. The default installation is on the system disk.



After installing NordVPN, you will be presented with an interface that gives you access to various features. What NordVPN offers:

  • Ah antimalware protection



  • of Create a mesh network Link remote devices and access them over encrypted connections


  • Ah monitoring dark web This lets you know if your email address is included in personal data files stolen and exchanged on the underground web.


These features have existing advantages and it would be a shame to take them away as long as they are included in the package. You should keep in mind that this security has its limits, as Decryption explains very well. A VPN does not replace your security solutionbut more than that positions itself as a complement.

NordVPN also offers fairly accessible settings, even if you’re not very computer savvy. You can also change the appearance (dark theme/light theme).


Select country to connect

If you prefer, and you just want to keep your browsing anonymous, it’s usually best to connect in your country of origin or a nearby country.A VPN adds an extra layer to your connection. Choose a country nearby or your own to keep your connection fast.

On the other hand, if you are interested in geolocated content, you must select the country of origin of the content or service.


For clarity, let’s take an example. I’m a fan of Korean dramas and I’m interested in one of them, his 16-episode drama series called ‘Tramway’. Connecting to Netflix gives you access to the series, but as you can see below, Netflix France only gives you access to the first two episodes of him.



So we may wait to discover Episode 3. But if you’re dying to know more and you’re comfortable with English, you might want to check the Netflix USA site to see if other episodes are already available. Connect to a US server.


The streaming service recognizes me as a US resident and gives me access to more episodes.


Logically seen as a user residing in the United States, the series comes with English subtitles.


Advanced settings

NordVPN offers more advanced settings to meet your more advanced needs.

connection settings

what you can do here auto start of the app. So ask to automatically connect to the fastest server on startup, choose to hide your device on your local network, or choose which Wi-Fi networks you consider “trusted”. You can prevent connections to the VPN at any time by You are riding it, etc.

you can also Change your DNS Default for custom DNS. Simply put, DNS is a kind of virtual “directory” that associates IP addresses with domain names so that you can connect to them. Choosing a DNS different from the default provides more privacy, but may also speed up your browsing. For more information on this subject, feel free to contact us about decryption on your DNS server.

In this section Protocol selectionA very important thing is to make your connection anonymous by replacing the IP address with the IP address of the server you are connecting to. The most used and currently most recommended protocols are: OpenVPNWithout going into too much technical detail, the options offered here are: OpenVPN UDP is known to be faster, Open VPN TCP more reliable. If you don’t know which one to choose, you can leave the setting to “Auto”.


Server type

The choice is made according to your privacy and security needs.

standard server : replaces the IP address with the IP address of the server and encrypts the traffic.

double VPN server : As the name suggests, encrypted traffic is sent to two separate servers, providing an extra layer of confidentiality.

Onion Over VPN Server : Your traffic is sent to your VPN server through the anonymous Onion (Tor) network through a network of independent proxies for an extra layer of privacy.

obfuscated server (Obfuscated English): These servers allow you to bypass Internet restrictions such as firewalls. These are especially indicated in countries where Internet access is restricted.

Dedicated IP server : This type of server is for advanced users who have purchased their own dedicated IP address.

security score

NordVPN provides tools that allow you to assess the security of your VPN tool settings. can be enabled.multi-factor authenticationenhance the security of your NordVPN account.

You can also enable the service Emergency stop device. This security disables your internet connection when your VPN goes down for any reason. This prevents you from finding yourself exposed during this period.


Finally, note that I also installed NordVPN on my Philips branded Android TV for this decryption…


…and with the same simplicity on Realme-branded Android smartphones:


Well, we hope these instructions reassure you and encourage you to take the plunge and embark on your VPN adventure..

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