State funeral for Maroni

The project had already been announced in the past few days and the confirmation came today: the Council of Ministers approved it State funeral for the former minister Robert Maroni.

The co-founder of the League and minister of the Berlusconi governments died last November 22nd at his home in the Varese area at the age of 67. He had been suffering from a serious illness for some time. The news of his disappearance has shaken the world of politics without distinction of color or side.

From the beginning there was talk state funeral for the former President of the Region of Lombardy, and tonight the news of the CDM resolution was broken. According to the findings, it is a unanimous decision. The funeral of the ex-minister will be celebrated in Varese on Friday November 25th.

After the death of the honorable Roberto Maroni, the Council of Ministers authorized the celebration of the funeral in the form of a state funeral (Law of February 7, 1987, n. 36). However, it is the firm intention of the deceased’s family to meet the related costs themselves“, reads the official statement published at the end of the CDM.

During the session the President of the Council Giorgia Meloni took the floor to recall the commitment shown in recent years by Roberto Maroni, a leading figure in Italian politics. After the “yes” at the state funeral, the members of the executive discussed other important issues for the country, before going down to Piazza Colonna and taking part in the initiative in favor of victims of feminicide: for the occasion, the facade of Palazzo Chigi was illuminated in red .

Today also State Secretary of the Interior Nicholas Molteni, speaking at the event sponsored by the Anfp (National Association of Police Officers), wanted to remember Roberto Maroni, who in the past was Minister of the Interior. “A man who shaped the history of my political team. As Under-Secretary of the Interior, I can state without fear of contradiction that Roberto Maroni not only served the country with a sense of institutions and humanity, but was also a friend of the state police and of men and women in uniform‘ he explained.

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