Star Wars Squadrons is the next free game from the Epic Games Store

Waiting to learn more about the future of gaming star Wars Electronic Arts, andEpic Games Store invites you to (re)discover one of the best mods in the LucasArt universe in recent years. released at the end of 2020, Star Wars squadrons Put space battles back in the spotlight in a high-quality action game… which will be offered as a free download on the Digital Store this week on November 24 in even greater resolution.

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The Epic Games Store rises in Star Wars squadrons

There are no Jedis and even more so who fight lightsabers Star Wars squadrons, a return to the roots of Motive Studio’s space skirmishes. Largely inspired by the great hours of the franchise Rogue Squadronbut also aircraft simulators X wingThe EA title plots a plot between two groups of space fighters, from one end to the other of the political spectrum of this galaxy far, far away.

The title’s single-player campaign thus alternates between the viewpoint of the soldiers of the New Republic and the forces of the Empire, all of whom are determined to decide the fate of the Starhawk, a massive warship under construction. In addition to a solid single player adventure, Star Wars squadrons It also offers a multiplayer mode that, despite the poor level of content, has the decency (it’s a big word) not to include microtransactions.

There are only a few days left for users of the platform to download the two titles that are currently available for free download. seemed b evil dead gameAdapting the horror movie saga into an asymmetrical multiplayer game: This Saber Interactive production juxtaposes a cast of characters, all drawn from the films. evil deadconfronting the demons from the Necromicon.

Unlike other games of this type, theevil dead game It takes place in an open world. any other atmosphere to God of darkness, the second game in this weekly installment. This indie SRPG promises a gritty political plot based on alliances and betrayals, all wrapped up in a highly reminiscent cover fire emblem.

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