Star Citizen: Free until the end of November

to meWhen all intergalactic players are called in, Star Citizen will be free until the end of November

Developed by Imperium cloud games By Chris Roberts Star Citizen had a very difficult development, between Dead Island 2-style delays, but now players can experience it Free until the end of November. So, if you love to travel in outer space, you should be on board already! But let’s go in order.

Star Citizen: Free Ride Never Say No

markingIntergalactic Space Gallery Players are welcome Try over 120 ships available on Star Citizen for free, including Drake Corsair which features powerful weapons and can carry up to four players. During this digital event, players will be able to explore it extensively, observe the different ships in detail, have a chat with their friends or meet new people between one activity and another!

Drake Interplanetary, Anvil Aerospace, and Roberts Space Industries They will then reveal all the new future cars, while from November 27 you can already get new rewards fromShip encounter event So are some new, limited-edition paint jobs. If you are interested, we remind you that you can try it without spending a euro Until November 30th!

address him Raised over half a billion dollars thanks to crowdfundingEven if there are many private investors who decide to believe in this project, and even though it has been nearly ten years since it was announced, the waiting of many players is finally paid off.

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