Sonos is looking beyond speakers: new products of the future, but it’s too early to say which ones

Sonos said it wants to enter four new categories into the marketso it has not yet been explored by the American company specializing in audio.

The opportunity to talk about that was a meeting with investors to comment on the financial results for the fourth quarter. Sonos CEO Patrick Spence said:While we always exercise caution when discussing our product roadmap, we are investing in products that will allow us to enter four new categories, one of which we plan to announce in fiscal 2023.. “

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Unfortunately, the details stop there.

Spence didn’t unbutton himself or provide helpful pointers for understanding what four new categories Sonos will launch in.

Spence said that although Sonos has a strong track record of gaining share as it enters a new category, the company needs to think about how it moves within those categories.

So Sonos clearly wants to grow but without going off on flights of fancy; So, in order to do that, you are supposed to stay in the areas of the market where you feel safe enough.

Where might Sonos dive?

Among the new product categories Sonos can explore There can be wireless headphones.

In 2019, Sonos filed compatible patents for this type of device and in early February this year acquired startup T2, which specializes in Bluetooth audio.

A Sonos wireless headset may have a “privileged” connection to the company’s speakers to ensure a smoother audio transition from it to the headset (and vice versa).

In April, he bought Mayht, a revolutionary startup from the Netherlands that had dismantled old diaphragm loudspeakers Reduce its size but double the sound emission.

This technology could end up in a TV with Sonos branded sound. However, it is a sector that seems somewhat specialized and will struggle to outgrow the Sonos brand compared to that of TV.

Sonos has bought Mayht: the small, dual-diaphragm transducers that will revolutionize the audio market

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Thinking of a Sonos TV seems risky to us, but we must remember that Sonos It can create a home theater playback systemin which it appears to employ specific characters.

Sonos wants to create an operating system for the home theater. Are you drawn to the world of video streaming?

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Or your home operating system and speaker might end up in Mayht An audio streamer capable of gaming but also capable of receiving external sources and managing TV.

Anyway, Patrick Spence said, as it has every year since 2017, Even in 2023, Sonos will launch at least two new products.

There are also new speakers on the roadmap, but one of these two new products will almost certainly belong to one of four categories that Sonos wants to dive into.

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