Skyrim, Spongebob, and Ultraman are coming to Season 3

We’ll almost forget it in a slew of today’s gaming services, however: since its move to free-to-play, Fall guys He (re)built a solid community, so even the new Season Pass system requires a lot, and a lot (too?) of play time. Never mind, Playtonic and Epic Games have just announced the upcoming new season 3 battle royale content for the platforms. In the program, new events, but also collaborations with other well-known multimedia licenses, both from the industry and from the small screen.


The guests are getting ready Fall guys

Accustomed to rubbing shoulders against the sky, the new challenges of this season 3 for Fall guys You will instead venture far below sea level. Several events have already been introduced, such as Speed ​​Sliding and Hoop Toboggans which, inevitably, will require a good dose of skill and a keen sense of balance to avoid falling overboard.

In a more à mer kind, Waltz of the Kraken introduces the cephalopods involved and their many tentacles, ready to tip the unwary bean. A threat that we will also find in Balls of Atlantis, a classic track test, but full of pitfalls, with continuous jets of bouncing balls coming from all sides. New time trial shows are also planned.

Who said Lost City Under the Sea necessarily reminds of a certain pineapple inhabited by a certain sponge: the SpongeBob skin will be present among the 100 bonus levels in the next Season Pass. Patrick, Sandy, Carlos and Captain Krabs will also join the party in a host of outfits expected on December 1st. But Fall guys Don’t stop at Bikini Bottoms for their next collaboration: Fashion Inspired The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, grabbing the horned shield and helmet, and Ultraman is also slated to wield. For the Japanese cult superhero Tokusatsus, his skin is adapted from his recent adaptation in manga form rather than his appearances in the TV series.

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