Sheep are incredibly democratic animals who take turns as leaders

It is not uncommon to hear the word “sheep” to designate a group of people who perform a The choice was made without much thought, following the crowd. Especially in politics. However, after reading this new study, you’ll never use the term again…because the organisms involved are incredibly democratic.

By studying the movements of several flocks of 2-4 sheep, it was found that these ruminants alternate between grazing and moving towards green areas such as collective behaviour (A bit like ants being guided by one big brain.)

Each movement ring has a temporal leader who directs the group in line formationScientists say.While the leader varies randomly.The reason for choosing an “interim president” is simple: he allows them to Benefit from knowing the different members of the herd.

Hierarchical structures fail when a leader misses an opportunity or is too stubborn about taking advice. In addition to, Taking turns leading the sheep can reduce conflictsalthough it is not yet known if they do this in larger herds or when rams are present.

In short, a very special and interesting behavior, which shows how often animals are classified (and above all the terms we use) only by our prejudices. By the way, did you know that something strange happens when sheep are placed under solar panels?

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