she didn’t think for a second that a simple kiss to her boyfriend would have such consequences… (video)

Paige certainly didn’t expect such circumstances after kissing her boyfriend. On TikTok, the young woman revealed that she had fallen victim to a nasty infection, transmitted through her companion’s beard.

The young Australian shared an explanatory video on the social network: “Sorry to everyone I told I ran into a wall,” she wrote in the caption. In the video, Paige slipped several shots of her inflamed chin.


Round of antibiotics later… please wash your face guys #beard rash sorry to all I told you I ran into a wall x

♬ CUFF IT – Beyonce

She explains that the hairs of her boyfriend’s beard regularly prick his skin. “The bacteria naturally present in her hair” initially caused Paige to have a “red spot”. She explains that the mark kept seeping.

To cure the infection, the young woman treated it with an antibacterial cream for five days. Now healed, the young woman wants to warn other women who are in a relationship with a man with a beard. But she especially wants to warn men to take better care of their beards. In the comments, Internet users explained that they had experienced the same thing as Paige.

“I dealt with this many times with my ex-boyfriend and that is why he became one,” one TikTok user commented with humor. “My mom didn’t like my boyfriend and that’s how she knew when I saw him,” added another. “I went through the same thing and the crust stayed on for two weeks,” says another Internet user.

So you know what to do if your companion has a beard!

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