Shadow offers 20 GB of cloud storage and import to Raspberry Pi

Six months after the announcement, Shadow Drive is now open to everyone. We describe what’s new.

The French cloud computing specialist is talking about him again. A few months after a major overhaul of its offering, Shadow is launching free cloud storage in addition to new offerings for professionals. Explanation.

A free 20 GB cloud offer for everyone

Officially launched last night but tested with a few customers since the summer, Shadow Drive is Shadow’s free cloud storage offering. The offer was developed in collaboration with the open source cloud specialist Nextcloud and includes 20 GB of free storage space for everyone. ” And by free, we don’t mean “freemium”: our users’ data will never be sold or misused, and we will never integrate ads. says the company in its blog post.

For those with greater needs, there is also a paid offer of € 8.99 per month that gives access to a 2 TB space for all types of files.

Concerned about the sovereignty of hosted data, Shadow indicates that its servers are all located in Europe – with no further details at this time. The service will also acquire new functionalities in the coming months. On the menu: WebDAV compatibility or Nextcloud modules (plugins).

Shadow Cloud is now available through a web client, an Android app, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Shadow on Raspberry Pi for even more miniaturization

Another major announcement of the evening: the release of the Shadow application on Raspberry Pi microcomputers, which is already available and supports video streams in 1080p at 60 frames per second (equivalent to 70% of the service’s current usage) and keyboards supports /mice and gamepads from the Xbox and PlayStation ecosystem.

Developed on a Raspberry Pi 4 platform with 2 GB RAM, the company does not rule out that its application can also be used on the 1 GB RAM model, or even a Raspberry Pi 3.

As a reminder, the Shadow offer now revolves around the following three formulas:

  • Shadow PC: Intel XEON 3.5 GHz CPU / GTX 1080 graphics / 12 GB RAM / 256 GB SSD ($29.99 per month)
  • Shadow Power: AMD Epyc CPU / RTX A4500 Graphics / 16 GB RAM / 256 GB SSD ($44.89 per month)

During its press conference, the French company also announced the launch of its offers for professionals. All details can be found on his blog.

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