Several questions for a single examination under review: the first answers from the INPS

There are a few things we need to look at today, in connection with the much-discussed issue one check. trying to bypass Accumulation of delays by the INPS with the November batchgiven that official sources state that there are no confirmed and stable dates for disbursing the balance (we talked about it last week). with another article), Today, November 21, we need to consider other aspects. In detail, it bears the fact that Ended up with multiple “under review” requests. Without a clear justification for who should use it.

Some comments on several applications for a single examination under review: what the INPS says about them

So the situation, especially for some families, is delicate. There are too many requests for a single examination under review, hence, if you encounter a similar situation, Yours is not an isolated case. Why did such a situation arise? Several questions can be found on the INPS social networks in these hours, and it is no coincidence that they tried to give everyone an answer in an attempt to throw water on the fire:

Usually, barring anomalies, problems, or missing documents, the result arrives within about 60 days of application and then credit. However if your application is under review it may mean that further checks need to be carried out and in those cases we cannot provide an exact timeline“.

In short, anomalies are always around the corner and we’ll have to pay close attention to managing individual applications for individual checks in the coming weeks. Hope it is Regular payments can be resumed within a week Roughly, he arrived safely at the end of November. How are things going for you? Let us know below with a comment, to understand the status of other questions.

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