seven out of ten models have Samsung components

We all know that Samsung and Apple they are two distinct and competing realities; However, many do not know that the South Korean OEM has been supplying the Cupertino-based competitor with OLED panels for some time.

In fact, the South Korean company has many divisions and multiple divisions; Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display to name a few. In addition to producing elements for its own smartphones, the company also supplies key components to third-party brands, including Apple. Today we find that the company has managed to equip 7 out of 10 iPhones with its OLED displays.

Samsung dominates the supply of OLED screens for the new iPhone 14

We’ve told you several times that Apple is collaborating with various brands in the construction of their iPhones; On the one hand we have the Chinese BOE, on the other hand the Koreans LG Display and Samsung Display. Although the first two are good brands, Apple always tends to prefer the gadgets of the Korean company that makes the Galaxy S22.

According to a new report, the latter has dominated the OLED offering for the iPhone 14 range, supplying Apple with more than 120 million screens for the new high-end range. Meanwhile, it’s supplying Tim Cook’s company with 80 million units by the end of the year, while LG, the South Korean giant’s bitter rival, is expected to ship 20 million units. BOE, after all, only six million, but it must be said that this company has just joined the group.

Samsung Display makes OLED screens across the range, while LG only makes LTPS for the standard 6.1-inch model and LTPO for the 6.7-inch Pro Max. BOE, on the other hand, only deals with the production of iPhone 14 (By the way, this gem You can find it on Amazon for only €907.00).

In summary, considering how much OLED panels cost, Apple is “working for Samsung”. In any case, they are truly excellent devices and unrivaled in the phone market.

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