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There is a huge amount of good music that has no place on the radio and no place on television.

Here are two very interesting artists: SERENA BARATTI from Brescia, between music therapy, psychopathy, capoeira and metamedicine. GREGUCCI who, with “La corte dei tabù”, makes a contemporary reinterpretation of The Adventures of Pinocchio by C. Collodi.

Serena Paraty

Always fascinated by creative expression, Serena has so far managed to experiment with music through voice, music therapy, psychotones and dance (for about 3 years she has staged capoeira shows in Italy and abroad). However, singing is the main expressive feature. Serena says through the audio that she is “learning to listen to herself and express feelings without filters”.

Soloist in different bands, rock, pop, funky dance, she started singing as a professional with the group Nekente and love for live acoustics thanks to guitarist Ermanno Paganini in the duo Bambini Cattivi, a project in which she has been involved for 4 years. It continues for another 5 years with Beppe Ferraresi, guitarist, in the duo “Blu@”. The voice of the rock band “ALTERegoROCK” for 3 years. He is currently the voice of the duet “Acoustic Karma” with guitarist Nicola Morey, providing two American pop rock songs re-arranged in a somewhat personal way and unreleased songs by the artist. Over the years, Serena has participated in many music competitions for young authors, among the most important: semi-finalist in 2004 at the San Marino Festival, finalist in the Songwriters section of the 2009 BMF Botticino Festival.

Highlights of live experiences: Little Tour Lisbon, Barcelona, ​​Tim Tour 2005 in Trieste. Over 15 years of live experience as a lead singer.

Events: The first “official” artistic commitment in the field of recording was with Simon Papi (musician, arranger and producer of Italian artists such as Raf, Alessandra Amoruso, Laura Pausini, Mia Martini) with whom he participated in the San Marino Festival in 2004 and in the Tim Tour in Trieste in 2005 Subsequently, he participated in two tours in Lisbon and Barcelona, ​​music competitions and local and Italian radio and television programmes. In 2008 he made his first music video for the song “Oltre” (directed by Giorgio Linni). In 2009 she was entrusted with the musical entertainment presenting the novel “Last Night’s Train” with Dacia Marini. He was a finalist in the songwriter section at BMF 2009 with the song “How Many Times” and at BMF 2011 with the song “Fragile e Forte”. Participation in 2011 in the Brescian program “Only with Music” promoted by Merendine Musica in collaboration with Teletutto. In January 2016, her first unreleased album “Metro di Distance” was released as a singer-songwriter. Lyrics and musical ideas inspired by the note at a “meter” distance, the “me-through” journey of life that flows underground like a subway ride, a record that makes the voice of emotions speak mostly in the female.

(Curiosities: the single CURA DI ME is dedicated to the Metamedicina track that Serena completed in the meantime, becoming a counselor and recovering from an illness that sidelined her for about two and a half years, during which time she completed the album itself).
The album was produced at “Ritmo & Blu Studios” in Pozzolengo (BS) and among the musicians invited to produce it are: Massimo Saviola on bass, Cesare Valbusa on drums and Christian Codenotti on guitar and backing vocals. Christian Cudnotti is also the project’s artistic director, as well as co-curator.

On 10/31/2019 “Il gioco delle ombre” was released, the new mini-album in which all the musicians participate in the arrangements (Serena Parati, Christian Cudnotti, Simone Luca Tangetti, Massimo Saviola, Cesare Valbosa), officially presented on Halloween night in Recyclage in Moniga del Garda (BS).

This musical project is accompanied, in parallel, by an overarching project related to the same theme: A Journey of Awareness, a guide that sheds light in the dark with the intent of learning how to transform our gray areas internally into talents to learn how to restore our abilities. Responsibility (Solar Polarity) and Creative Magic (Lunar Polarity) that keep them balanced.

It is possible to watch music videos online for the songs “A Game of Shadows” and “Chinese Shadow”, both of which are dedicated to integration: our inner child who speaks to us through emotions and leads us down a deep path to our truth, love and shadow.

It is often demonized, when in fact it is our greatest ally to be recognized. In November 2019, the last music video was presented for the song “It’s a Rhythm (Thin, Transparent Thread)”, a love story “in rhythm” and a “pause” that reconnects us with the great vision, with this fellow flow of life, much more than we can imagine.

Curiosity: the musical single IL GIOCO DELLE OMBRE was born as a thesis to complete the 2017 first year of the School of Life Designer in Forgiveness by Daniel Lumeira attended by Serena Paraty and now Facilitator.
After a lucid dream that recurred and swelled for three nights, a week before a preview at Spirit Week in Verona (in August), Il Gioco delle Ombre divination cards were born. During the inclusive event, at the Shadow Integration conference, Serena gives a small group workshop. From this experience comes the holistic ‘Game of Shadows – Hidden Gifts’ holistic track that takes place through individual sessions or group workshops.

Curriculum Vitae:
I sing: Anna Gotti, Michelle Fischetti (The Seth Riggs Method).
Voice search: Marisa Sitora, speech therapist – Elisa Benassi, psychologist – Ana Maria Delena, teacher / singer.
in the studio: Simone Papi, Cristiano Massera, Paolo Milzani and Studio Ritmo & Blu.
Participation in various vocal laboratories: with Elizabeth Howard (Professor at Pepperdine University and Vocal Power Academy in Los Angeles), with Michele Luppi (Professor at Lizard Academy in Brescia) and with trainer/musician Roberto Ghiozzi (Professor of Humanitarian Transformational Music Therapy at the University of Verona).


Musician Gregocchi Tarantino collaborates on many musical projects giving performances to clubs, arenas and theaters all over Italy to count the dates. In 2020 he recorded the CD “Andare a piedi in Cina” supported by a crowdfunding campaign and funded by Poste Italiane featuring valuable collaborations including Marc Urselli in mastering (U2, Foo Fighters, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Sting, Keith Richards.. .).

In the same period, he published a series of stories, poems and suggestions enclosed in a book entitled “Collection”.

Regional finalist for Sanremo Rock 2021 with the song “Even the sloth wants his partner”.

Puglia Music mentioned the single “Luoghi comunes” in the top ten of the best songs / videos in Puglia for 2021

Runner-up in Externamusiclab competition supported by Expolevante

Available on YouTube is Gregocchi’s new video “La corte dei tabù”, a contemporary reinterpretation of The Adventures of Pinocchio by C.Collodi.

If the doll had been born in this period, how would his story develop?

Pinocchio drawn by Gregochi finds himself in a transformed and richer society, no longer dominated by poverty but by the smartphone and in a short time, by imitating adults, even the doll is absorbed in it. The temptations of the cat and the fox, Lucinulu and the land of toys become an indifferent background for the development of the story, under the eyes of the blue fairy who will eventually restore pedagogical value to the story.

“We have learned to explore the earth, to cross borders including the limits of the universe and instead how have we spent our lives? We build our bubble.

Sometimes it’s well appointed and populated with like-minded elements, and everyone else is out there.

This video closes the track on Walking China’s disc embracing the hope of recovering lost things, the beautiful ones that have made the heart and mind sparkle for centuries, the resurrection of humanity and the offline sensibility lost in technological hyperstimulation. And feeling excessive hostility on social media, often forgetting that we all live together in a big bubble called the world.”

Orientation and perception: Giuseppe Calamonsi-Manetta

The track was recorded and mixed at Last Floor Studio, prod. Artistic Umberto Covello, Mastering Mark Orselli

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