Selvagia Lucarelli is on Dancing with the Stars after her mother, Fabio Canino, died at home with Covid

Controversy erupts among the people of social networking sites because of the presence of Wild Lucarelli to me Dancing with the stars After the death of the mother. the right of This afternoon, the journalist made the sad announcement on social media Many feared that the night would not be shown on the show but that was not the case, much to the delight of fans.

However, many have found another pretext to attack Selvaggia Lucarelli, guilty that she did not live and faced her mourning with tears, perhaps away from a television studio. On social media, the controversy was raging and the opinions were conflicting especially because the landlady herself, Milli Carlucci, at the time of her mother’s death, did not hold back and continued broadcasting.

As if mourning Selvagia Lucarelli wasn’t enough, Milli Carlucci made it known Fabio Canino He will be absent from today’s episode because he has tested positive for COVID. The judge makes his judgments regarding his house through a screen placed in his place. The icing on the cake is in an Enrico Montesano tin. And Millie Carlucci confirmed it The actor is out of the program and that there would be no room for going back in defiance of what was said in the last days.

in the presence of her teacher Alexandra TripoliThe landlady confirmed the disqualification, saying she regretted not being on the right track, and in turn said she was convinced the same sentiments were shared by Montesano, sorry for what had happened.

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