Security change for WhatsApp Desktop: update coming soon

News on the horizon WhatsApp for desktop, widely used especially by those who find themselves having to work in front of a computer every day. As with the messaging app for smartphones, we’re trying here, too Focus on security and privacyIn short, prevent prying eyes from reading our conversations. Currently, in fact, there is no real security filter for desktop WhatsApp, once the configuration is initiated on the PC, anyone connected from that device will already be able to enter our chats.

Security news coming for WhatsApp Desktop: One-step login update

In short, we must transcend general news I entered last week to apply. Previously it was necessary to have the smartphone present and connected to WhatsApp in order to interact from the computer, but now this dependence is no longer there, but this inevitably allows anyone to be able to connect to our WhatsApp account. Precisely for this reason, it seems that the ability to access WhatsApp on the desktop with a password is under development.

As always, it was our colleagues at WABetaInfo who identified this new feature, one that appears to be in development, but which may soon arrive in the web version and desktop version of WhatsApp. We know how Set a password before accessing the application. The situation seemed to be independent of the login that is normally done to access your account when you start using the app.

Now this option is also being studied for desktop WhatsApp, where you will be able to set a password to access the messaging service from the web or PC and this will not be shared with the company’s servers, but will be saved locally. Since this is a test function, At the moment there is no possibility to try it And at this point, we just have to wait for it to become public. It shouldn’t take several weeks to see this newness, which is another element of keeping your WhatsApp chats safe.

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