Scalpers is struggling with sales of the RTX 4080, and profits are also down

The collapse of the graphics card market seems to be affecting the speculators as well. This was revealed by an analysis by Tom’s Hardware of a GeForce RTX 40 being offered for sale by Scalpers on eBay.

Shortly after its launch, the RTX 4080 was on sale at $1,799.99 for the Founders Edition, only to top out at $2,000 for premium AIB cards. However, a Tom’s Hardware study revealed that The RTX 4080 will not be in search of such hot cakes as previous generationsbut also compared to other models.

TheIn fact, the RTX 4080 sells 3.4 times less than the RTX 4090: This means that one 4080 is sold for every 3.4 RTX 4090 moved. Tom’s Hardware also states that investors are only able to sell 8 RTX 4090s per 24 hours, as opposed to 64 RTX 4090s. The data also indicates that since the launch of the RTX 4080, GPU sales on Ebay have either declined steadily or remained unchanged.

There are many reasons for this trend, but the main one is related to the price that the Leaf is asking: 30% more than the MSRP for the 4080, which goes up to 38% for the 4090, leading consumers to opt for the latter model.

Moreover, it also appeared that the Speculators make small profits Because of the lower prices and fees charged by eBay.

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