Samsung smartphones with Exynos processor and Mali GPU threatened by security problems

There is no good news for Samsung users. Millions of devices equipped with chips Exynos – to be precise, those who are equipped with it GPU Mali – are currently vulnerable to various risks. Among them, one could corrupt kernel memory, another could lead to disclosure of physical memory addresses, while three other vulnerabilities would cause other vulnerabilities.

This is the most worrying aspect of this story The above vulnerabilities could allow a malicious person to gain full access to the system and thus bypass all Android permissions. These defects, discovered by “Project Zero”were brought to ARM’s attention back in June and July. The company fixed these issues over the next monthbut at the moment no smartphone vendor would have released the specific security patches.

This type of GPU can be found in Samsung, Xiaomi and OPPO devices. Furthermore, The same type of danger would have been spotted on a Pixel 6 as well: Despite this, Google would not have published any updates in this regard.

However, Samsung smartphones with Snapdragon processors or the Galaxy S22 series would not take any chances. In fact, the devices belonging to this line have a graphics chip xclipse 920 instead of a Mali GPU.

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